Three Steps to Keeping Your Car Safer at Night


Night-time is often the riskiest time when it comes to your car. Theft and damage often happen during the night, and putting your car in the garage at night if you can, using theft deterrents, or putting an expensive CCTV system up at home seems like the way to go to keep car burglars away. But car thieves are getting more sophisticated and able to get around a lot of modern technology, and theft isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about happening to your car at night. Damage from passing cars, debris, and more can also cause some serious issues. So, what can you do to keep your car safer at night?

Invest in a Driveway

If you have space, keeping your car on a driveway is always safer than keeping it parked on the road. When your car is parked on the roadside, it’s at a higher risk of being hit by passing vehicles and or debris from the road. While parking your car on the road can be a deterrent against thieves who may find it harder to figure out which house the keys are in, is it worth the extra risk? An asphalt driveway at the front of your home is an ideal place to keep your car. According to one asphalt driveway contractor we spoke to, expect to pay around $2-$5 a square foot, but this can change if the base needs to be fixed. Sealcoating products help to protect your driveway from chemicals and will ensure it lasts a long time.

Turn Your Wheels Into the Curb

If you must park your car on the road, then one simple way to make it harder for thieves to protect your car is to turn the wheels towards the curb once you are parked. Having your wheels turned towards the curb or in the direction of another car will make it harder for thieves to get away in your car quickly. If they do manage to take the keys and start the car, they will need to do some maneuvering or reversing to get away, giving you more time to spot what’s happening and call the cops.

Get an Anti RFID Wallet

If you have a newer car with a key that allows you to lock and unlock it remotely, thieves might be able to take advantage of this to steal your car without even taking the keys. Thieves can create a unique clone of the key fob that you use to open your car by simply using the signal from your keys, which can often be accessed from outside the house. Instead of putting your keys on a hook in your hallway or throwing them in a drawer, invest in an anti-RFID wallet that will block the signal from your keys and prevent thieves from using it to take your car.

At night, your car is at the most risk from damage and theft, so it’s worth investing in a few measures to keep it as safe as possible.

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