Tips for Preventing Head Injuries From Car Accidents

Few occurrences are more jarring than a car accident. You can drive dozens of times without getting into a crash, but the one time it happens will steal your sense of security and safety behind the wheel.

Making matters worse, many car accidents result in injuries. Some of the worst injuries involve trauma to the head, chest, and spine. In particular, head trauma resulting from a traffic accident is extremely concerning and the results can be devastating.

Because car crashes are often random and unexpected, it can be difficult to prevent a specific injury. That said, you can take a few specific measures to protect yourself against head injuries.

To keep your head protected, we’ll outline a few excellent tips for avoiding head trauma during a car accident below.

Seat Belt Usage

Arguably the best way to prevent a head injury is to always use a seat belt.

Seat belts are incredibly important because they keep you in place during an accident. Car crashes involve intense amounts of force and this can easily propel you out of your seat or vehicle. Wearing a seat belt will prevent you from flying into anything.

Most fatal car accidents involve a lack of seat belt usage. When you don’t wear a seat belt, you remove the protection of your vehicle and are extremely likely to sustain serious injuries.

Unfortunately, it can be tempting to not wear a seat belt if you drive often and have never experienced a crash. Remember that accidents happen when you least expect it and you won’t have time to put a seat belt on before you go flying and sustain a serious head injury!

With this in mind, wearing a seat belt every time you drive is the best way to protect your head during an accident.

Functional Airbags

Another great defense against head wounds is functional airbags.

Your seat belt is essential for keeping you in place, but this can be dangerous if your vehicle crumples during the crash. To keep you safe, cars are equipped with airbags that deploy during an impact.

Airbags are typically found in your steering wheel and the dashboard on the passenger side. Modern vehicles are equipped with more airbags and can be found in places like your seat belt, in the roof of your car, or underneath the dashboard.

Airbags are excellent protective devices because they provide you with a massive cushion. Your seat belt mainly keeps you still, but your body will still feel the force from the crash that can push your head and chest forward.

Airbags are essential for absorbing this force to limit the injuries you experience. One of the most common car accident injuries prevented with airbags is slamming your head on the steering wheel.

While airbags are great defensive tools, they must be in good working order. Some airbags are defective and others may need replacement over time.

To receive the greatest benefit from your airbags, ensure they are maintained and you’ll go a long way toward preventing a head injury.

Avoid Distractions and Impairment

A final consideration is to avoid distractions and impairment while driving.

The best way to prevent an injury from a crash is to avoid an accident altogether. This begins with keeping yourself in the best driving shape possible, which entails a clear state of mind.

To do this, you’ll need to avoid any behavior that makes you a worse driver. In particular, distractions and impairment are two of the most prominent causes of car accidents.

Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous because driving requires your full focus. Looking at something other than the road increases your reaction time and makes you unlikely to be able to avoid a sudden hazard.

Impaired driving via intoxication or fatigue is also hazardous. Your judgment is affected, your motor skills are reduced, and you have less control over your vehicle.

Both distracted driving and impaired driving make accidents hard to avoid. Commit to only driving sober and focused to give yourself the greatest odds of preventing a crash and a resulting head wound.

Closing Thoughts

Head injuries are some of the worst results of a car accident. Trauma to your head can cause serious complications and impair your ability to function.

With this in mind, avoiding a head injury from a crash is a must. A few ways to accomplish this include always wearing a seat belt, ensuring your airbags are maintained, and avoiding distractions and impairments that may cause a crash.

If you’ve sustained a head injury from a car accident caused by another driver, then you are entitled to compensation for your suffering! Find a lawyer to evaluate your case and seek the justice you deserve!