Tips for Reinforcing Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle accident cases seem to be quite tough and challenging to litigate. These personal injury cases are complicated because of the science associated with the accident, the nature or type of injuries, and all the contributing factors impacting the motorcycle accident. Some motorcyclists feel that there exists an unfair bias against them. They seem to be judged more sternly as compared to accident victims traveling in passenger vehicles.

Some Important Questions to Ascertain the Merit of Your Motorcycle Accident Case

While evaluating the merit of your motorcycle accident case, you should ask a few vital questions. The answers to these critical questions could help you understand the true worth of this case.

What happens to my motorcycle accident case in the event I was not using a protective helmet?

Even though you were involved in a motorcycle accident when you were not wearing a helmet, it certainly does not necessarily imply you are no longer qualified for compensation. However, if you were not wearing the protective helmet that acts as a protective shield for safeguarding you against serious head injuries, it could adversely impact the outcome of your critical motorcycle accident case. You should consider consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney with specialized training and expertise in motorcycle accident cases. You may check here to find relevant contact info if you are looking for a personal injury claims case.

What should be the recourse if I was to a certain extent at fault?

Several states seem to implement the principle of Comparative Negligence in terms of motorcycle accident cases. This implies that depending on the facts of your motorcycle accident case, the court has the right to decide what the percentage of your fault was. Your compensation or settlement amount will be reduced accordingly. There are yet some states that follow Contributory Negligence that implies that a motorcycle accident victim will not be eligible for any compensation if it is proved beyond doubt that the accident took place because he too was at a fault. As per, PIP or Personal Injury Protection could be covering injuries sustained by you and your motorbike passengers, irrespective of who was responsible for the motorcycle accident. However, because of the variations and dissimilarities in existing state laws can end up making PIP pretty dicey and difficult to pin down.

Am I entitled to a settlement if the accident occurred due to poor road conditions? 

If your motorbike accident occurred due to poor road conditions, you would be still having a case. Accidents cases caused, for instance, because of a pothole on the road, are most probably fought against the state or the city where the mishap took place.

Fortify Your Motorcycle Accident Case by Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney

Because of the above-discussed and numerous other complications and complexities, it is of pivotal importance that motorcyclists who meet with an accident be fully aware of all their rights. You must take proactive measures to safeguard yourself. Let us discuss some steps that are recommended by expert personal injury attorneys experienced in motorcycle accident cases. You may follow the map at,

to reach a qualified, specialized, and experienced personal injury attorney. 

  • Seek medical assistance & treatmentYou may experience severe brain injuries, head traumas, fractures & paralysis due to the motorbike accident. At this juncture, it is a wise decision to consult your physician and seek medical intervention. This proves helpful in establishing the accurate time of the mishap and even the casual connection between the injury and the accident. 
  • Call the police at once for documenting the accident. A police report could be prepared that is known to contain crucial information that may include the opponent’s name, identity, and insurance.
  • Avoid repairing your bike since it is valuable evidence. It demonstrates the severity of the motorcycle accident.
  • Take relevant photos of critical evidence that may include road signs, damaged motorcycles, and weather conditions, etc.
  • Speak to witnesses present at the accident site. Get their names and relevant contact information.


Follow the expert tips discussed above and also avoid social networking sites. More often than not, attaching accident photos or making posts could compromise the worth of your case.