Tips On Keeping Your Car Interior Clean


Does your car have a messy odor? No doubt, a bad smell in your car can disastrous. The car acts as an extension of your household and a mirror to your personality. When it is clean, you feel relaxed and enjoy every moment of your ride in it. Nonetheless, it is not possible to prevent dirt.

A bad odor will replace the sweet and fresh smell. As one of the places you spend a large amount of time, cleaning your car interior is crucial. So how do you ensure your car interior is always clean and fresh? Here are the tips for keeping your car interior clean:

Wipe out any oily and sticky stains immediately

Certainly, it is hard to avoid stains in your car interior. You will refill the engine oil or grease other interior parts. These activities leave stains on the car. You need to remove these stains immediately to retain your interior cleanness.

One way of doing this is wiping the immediately with a soft cloth. If these stains are tough, consider using a mix of baking soda and water. This way, you will remove that nasty look and unpleasant smell of the sticky and oily elements.

Always clean your cup holders

Your cup holders are crucial parts of the car interior. It is the place where you keep your drinks as you drive or use it for your coffee cups. As time goes by, these holders become dirty. Maybe it is due to the debris on the bottom of your cups or water bottles.

Also, your drinks can spill off and settle in them. If not cleaned, the spilled drinks and debris become contaminated. These aspects provide a good environment for microbial to grow leading to an awful smell. As such, consider regular cleaning of the cup holders.

Consider a regular vacuum cleaning

Regular vacuum cleaning is essential in retaining your car interior cleanness. This cleaning method helps in removing those tough specks of dust in unreachable areas in your car. Also, it enhances the cleaning of your car floor mats and the gear gaps.

The good this is that you can do it without requiring to take your car to a car wash. All you will need is to get a portable vacuum cleaner for your car. This way, you’ll save your money while keeping your car interior smelling fresh, clean, and dust-free.

Remove all trash from your car

As you drive along, you’ll pass through drive-inns and buy some snacks. Also, you will enjoy some drinks. Each of these elements leaves behind trash in your car. You will have wrapping papers, bottles, and cans on your boot, backseats, or cup holders.

When you reach your destination or home, the first thing should be removing this trash.  Pick all the junks, coffee cups, cans, bottles, or papers in your car and through them on the dustbin. Also, remove any loose material that you do not need in the car. With this, you will keep your car interior clean and nice looking.  Also protect your car while disposing of green waste as well.

Open up your car to fresh air

Sometimes, car cleaning products have a bad odor. They retain a bad smell in your car interior which creates some discomfort during your rides. Also, it is possible that you smoke inside your vehicle – if you are one. These odor remains in your car posing a health threat.

So, as part of cleaning your car, open it to fresh air. You can do this by opening doors and any space that will allow air to get to your car’s interior.This way, your car interior will have a fresh and sweet scent that every passenger will love.

Wrapping Up

In a word, applying the above tips will ensure your car is always clean. Remember, a clean car interior builds your reputation and personality.You’ll feel proud and happy when riding a clean car.

Also, it enhances your health and wellness. Dust and microbial pose huge health threats to you while the bad odor can cause respiratory issues.Always keeping your car interior saves your money while boosting your health.  So, do regular interior cleaning by removing all trashes, vacuum cleaning, and removing any greasy or oily stains.

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