Top 7 most luxury golf courses in Europe


Europe is home to the world’s best and most exotic golf courses. These golf courses have rated the best and are a favorite for some of the established golfers in the world. From difficult to easy, these golf courses provide a range of holes that a golfer can practice in. Plus, the sheer extravagant beauty that these courses provide cannot be compared to anything. In Europe, Portugal is a home to the best golf courses, and Algarve Golf Courses are one of them. Portugal alone hosts a wide range of golf courses and is known as the best golf country in the world. Apart from this, we have some luxury golf courses that are worth a visit. 

PGA Catalunya – Stadium Course (Spain)

This golf course has really difficult nine holes and the golf course is for pro players. But, you can have a fun practice session to check out the complexities if you are just a beginner. Plus, the beauty in which the golf course is located is totally out of words. The golf course lies amidst the beautiful scenery in Spain, and the resort provides all the luxury that you need to divulge in.


You will feel as if you have walked in a magical forest surrounding this golf course. The trees, ferns, brooms perfectly blend in to give the golf course a luxurious natural feel. The golf lovers have voted this golf course as the best in France and it has all the reasons to be. Of course, the trees that surround make the course a difficult one, but what’s the fun if it’s all easy!

Thracian Cliffs (Bulgaria) 

You would never imagine that a golf course can be so beautifully set in the backdrop of a sea and the trees. The holes are naturally built on the land. You will not find an ‘oh-so-perfect’ golf course anywhere in the world once you visit this one. A luxurious walk in the lap of mother nature! And as the name suggests, this place is surrounded by cliffs and that gives a bit of drama-touch to it.

Carya (Turkey)

This golf course gained its popularity when it installed the floodlights and allowed people to play golf at night too. It is really beautiful and designed totally to give the golfers the best game of their life. This is a course that will make you remember your game for a long time.

Villa d’Este (Italy)

This golf course is a must-visit if you are in Italy. Apart from providing mesmerizing scenic beauty, this course gives the toughest holes to be played on. Nonetheless, this is one golf course you must visit when you are in Italy.

West Cliffs (Portugal)

No doubt all the golf courses in Portugal are a must-visit, but the design of the cliffs is the best. It is again a difficult course but set amidst the cliffs without disturbing the nature, this golf has all the beauty for playing golf.

Lofoten Links (Norway)

Building a golf course in Gimosoy, was the best thing one could have done. Can you imagine, playing golf day and night as the sun does not set on this course from May to July?  You can also watch the northern lights in October. Which golf course has so much to offer? So put this one on your bucket list, as you will not want to miss the best one! 

It’s time to make your travel list and visit these golf courses to make the best of your holidays. We are sure these places are going to mesmerize you more than words can say!

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