Top 8 Commercial Semi-Truck Brands in North America


With the transportation industry being one of the most profitable fields of business nowadays, it’s no wonder truck manufacturing companies are going out of their ways to develop state-of-the-art trucks. Technology has helped transform these trucks into vehicles that are not only doing what they were designed for – transporting goods- but are also enjoyable to drive. From the engine to the interior cabs, everything has changed tremendously in the past years. 

The market has grown quite significantly, giving truck owners a large sea of products to choose from. But which one is actually providing the best value for your money? We have put together a list of what we believe are the best commercial semi-trucks available on the market right now, to help you decide which one suits your needs best. 


Kenworth often calls themselves “the world’s best”, but that’s up to you to decide. With over 80 years of experience in the business, Kenworth is the first choice for many truck owners, and for good reason. The company is known for making state-of-the-art truck models that are not only powerful but also look very polished. 

Their appealing exterior is combined with high-end technology to create trucks that cover the needs of any truck owner or company. Kenworth’s latest navigational technology allows trucks to use Google apps and an interface similar to a smartphone, making them easy to use.

The reason Kenworth trucks respond so well to the needs of truck drivers, is that their development team is made in part out of experienced truck drivers. Who better to design a truck than someone who’s been using them for years?


When you are thinking of Freightliner, the Cascadia is probably the first model to come to mind, as it is the most popular truck you will see on the highway. However, the company has a lot of options drivers can choose from. 

If you are looking for versatility, then seek no further, because Freightliner provides the broadest range of trucks suited for on-highway, medium-duty, or heavy-duty jobs. Plus, they come with a variety of cab sizes, to make long rides as comfortable and safe as possible.

The company has a lot of options to choose from, and you can actually build the truck the way you want to. But one of the best Freightliner Trucks Canada and the entire North America has seen, has to be the M2 106 model, which has also been named the best-selling medium-duty tuck in North America. 


Peterbilt has nearly 80 years of experience in the truck-manufacturing business and provides a variety of trucks to choose from, suited for both owner-operators and large transportation companies. 

What makes Peterbilt a favorite of truck owners is the company’s wide selection of alternative fuel options. And in an industry where fuel efficiency is so important, this shows Peterbilt is putting consumer needs first. They provide what most commercial trucks don’t – a hybrid electric engine and an aluminum body that supports fuel efficiency.  

Peterbilt trucks are usually priced higher than other models on the market, but the company takes pride in the durability of its vehicles, stating they will last longer than what competitors have to offer.  


Another popular brand in Canada, International Trucks holds 36% of the country’s Class 7 truck sales in 2018, and 2020 seems to be an even more promising year. 

The company is focused on increasing fuel efficiency, a much-needed improvement in the trucking industry, as well as durability. Their new series will be reducing or entirely eliminating truck-trailer gap, enhance roof fairing, and making other improvements to their exteriors, resulting in better aerodynamics and less fuel consumption. The company’s ultimate goal is to improve fuel efficiency by 8.2% in all of their new models. 


Volvo’s VNL Series is already a popular choice for truck owners, but its enhanced 2020 model is bound to become even more attractive. Two of the aspects that Volvo decided to improve are fuel efficiency and driver comfort, to make the new VNL Series even more practical and enjoyable to drive. 

The new model features a spacious sleeper cabin, with increased airflow and interior LED lights, for more comfort during long rides. It has a semi steering wheel that allows for improved control and a dashboard that provides drivers with more information than the previous models. 

If this does not convince you, maybe the fact that Volvo is one of the largest commercial truck brands in Canada, holding 13.9% of the total market share, will. 


Mack has made quite a name for itself by being the truck used to transport NASCAR vehicles. This has made it one of the most recognizable truck manufacturers in the industry. But it’s its practicality that makes a Mack truck one of the best options on the North American market. 

In 2018, Mack sold more than 40,000 trucks, making it the second most sold Class 8 truck that year. Besides horsepower and adaptability, Mack models are also known for providing a number of safety features. For example, Mack trucks are equipped with sensors that provide error diagnosis and warn drivers of any faulty codes. What’s more, the cabs are equipped with sound-deadening walls, which reduce cab noise, allowing drivers to feel more relaxed when they get behind the wheel.  

Because they are one of the most experienced truck manufacturing companies out there, Mack is especially loved by veteran truck drivers, but its state-of-the-art technology makes it suited for the new generation of drivers as well. 


Last on the list, but certainly not the least impressive ones, Tesla will be releasing a new truck model this year, which will be, of course, electric. They will be releasing two models – a midrange and short-range version, with a number of features such as LED headlights and an enhanced autopilot. Fully loaded, their trucks will weight approximately 80,000 pounds. 

Tesla’s futuristic Semi will have a 500 miles range on a single charge and can reach 0-60 mph in 20 seconds when fully loaded.

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