Top Car Hammocks for Dogs: 3 Key Features


You can find hundreds and thousands of dog hammocks with different features and benefits. There are so many offers that it’s easy to get confused when looking for the best option. Besides, you have to consider price, quality, size, design, all the pros and cons… How to find the top dog car hammock and not to lose with the choice?

Today we share three key features of a dog seat cover that are worth paying special attention to. You may not even have thought about them, but these are the features that will forever change your road trip experience with a pet.

Dog Car Hammocks with Sides

Recently, we see more and more dog seat covers with sides. And that’s great, because they can change the game completely! Let’s take a closer look at their benefits and details to help you choose the best dog car hammock with sidewalls.

👉 Door protection

We want to protect our car seat upholstery from dog hair, dirt and scratches. But doors also need protection! Many dogs like to lean their front paws on the door and look out the window while traveling. And pets that are nervous in the car may scratch doors, asking the owner to let them out. Then your doors can be soiled by dirty paws and damaged by pet nails.

In this case, the sides are what will save your car doors. These are either fixed to the front and back parts of the dog seat cover, or attached to the roof handles with straps. Sidewalls create a barrier between pets and doors and protect them from dirt and scratches. So not only your seats will stay in perfect condition, but the entire car interior. And from all four sides.

👉 How to choose?

To choose a good dog seat cover with sidewalls, it is important to pay special attention to materials and layers.

If the sidewalls are thin and sagging, they are unlikely to really protect your car doors. Check that the sides of a hammock hold their shape well and are vandal-resistant. It is best if they have solid inserts inside – like this dog car hammock from Then you can be sure your doors will be protected from any damage pets can cause.

Large Dog Car Hammocks

Between a large car hammock for the entire back seat and a compact dog booster seat, we recommend choosing the former. And here’s why.

👉 Better comfort and protection

A large dog seat cover completely covers your car seat, including the back and the area between the front seats. It protects upholstery from dirt, dog hair, nails and teeth. At the same time, pet booster seats partially protect the seat while the dog is sitting inside. Plus, it’s easy to jump out of!

In addition to better protection, a large dog seat cover creates a separate, cozy place for your pet. The more space a dog has in a car, the comfier it feels while on the road. Add your home blanket or a favorite toy and the perfect spot is created!

If you have a medium to large breed puppy and are looking for a temporary car hammock, we recommend getting a large one right away. Trust us, puppies grow faster than you think. And if you initially create one familiar place with a familiar smell, it will be much easier for your puppy to get used to road trips and the car.

On top of that, large dog hammocks can be used as simple seat covers when you’re traveling without a dog but want to keep the seats clean.

👉 How to choose?

Check if the dog car hammock is suitable for your car seats. It must be securely fastened on all sides. It’s great if the hammock has the walls we discussed before, as well as a non-slip coating on the bottom for better fixation.

If space in the car is limited, or you have a growing puppy, pay attention to models with universal placement. They have a zipper in the middle and can be transformed from a large back seat hammock into a single seat cover. Convenient and multifunctional.

Fancy Dog Car Hammocks

If you have already tried searching for a dog car hammock, then you have probably noticed that most have a very plain design. But even among them you can find unique designs with details that make the hammock not only fancier, but also more useful.

👉 Trims & accessories

A bright color or contrasting trim turns a boring hammock into a stylish accessory that pleases the eye. You can choose a design that matches perfectly with your car interior, and then your dog seat cover will look really nice and premium.

Car hammock pockets are a game-changing accessory. They are great to store travel bowls, leashes, toys, treats, combs, and just about anything your pet needs during the trip. Super handy for organization and saves space, too.

Other accessories can be, for example, mesh windows so that your dog can see the front seat while lying on the hammock. Or a car seat belt that the seller puts as a gift. Or some other fancy detail that might be useful. Don’t miss it!

👉 How to choose?

Check that the trim and all seams are sewn evenly and neatly. Sewing says a lot about the quality of a dog seat cover. Make sure a bright colored hammock is color-safe and won’t stain your upholstery. Especially if you have white or beige seats.

Considering accessories, pay attention to their quality. Pockets should be large and durable enough to hold all the things you’re going to store in them. Mesh windows should be made of strong mesh fabric that won’t tear after a few rides. And if you get something free as a gift, make sure it’s not a cheap trinket. A good dog seat cover must be of high quality in all its features.

So, to find the top dog car hammock, you should pay attention to 3 key features: sidewalls, size and design. Dog hammocks with sides not only protect seas, but also car doors from dirt, hair and scratches. Large hammocks have wider coverage and protect your car better than booster seats. Look out for hammocks with solid sides and a versatile zipper design, like the one from Owleys brand. Dog hammocks with fancy designs and accessories look stylish and add functionality. Pay attention to all the benefits to find the best dog hammock to meet your needs!

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