Top common causes of broken pipes in your home



Broken pipes enhance the troubles of the property owners as they have to inspect the entire plumbing system and get it fixed. The water leakage can prove disastrous and later may lead to mold damage. If you are a homeowner in Florida, you must get insurance for your property so that in case of damage, you can apply for the claim. This monetary support will help you in renovating or repairing the plumbing system of your house. Again, if you face any difficulty in receiving the claim amount from the insurance company, you can contact a Broken Pipe Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer in Florida at the Louis Law Group to negotiate with the company on your behalf. You should check your plumbing system for signs of pipe damage and get it fixed beforehand to avoid hazardous consequences.

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You can identify the need for repairing the pipes when you observe the following signs:

  • Foul Odour– If you notice a terrible smell from the basement of your house, it means that the sewage has not been drained into the sewer line due to pipe damage or blockage.
  • Bubbling Noises– It occurs when the pipes are blocked and the air trapped in tries to escape the sewer system.

Backflow- If the sewer starts backflowing, it indicates that the pipes are either broken, and there is an obstruction between the main sewer line and your pipesThe top common causes of having broken pipes in your home are:


It is one of the primary causes of having broken pipes in the places where the winters are incredibly chilly and lead to freezing of the water inside the pipes. Once the water changes into ice and solidifies, it exerts pressure on the pipes’ inner walls, leading to the collapse of the pipes. It is a significant problem and requires winterproofing of the pipes. Due to the broken pipes, your house may get flooded with water, and it may cause severe damage to your home. The only solution is investing in pipe insulation to avoid this situation.


The old pipes are more susceptible to damage, and they burst to cause water leakage in your home. In addition, after years of use, their surface gets eroded. Moreover, the acidity of the water reacts with the material, and they get won out. For instance, the steel pipes are more vulnerable, and the alkaline water also reduces the pipes’ integrity.


The blocked drains and toilets of your house may cause the backflowing of the sewage and wastewater into your home. It not only makes your house messy but unhygienic for dwelling as well. In addition, the clogged drains cause water pressure exerted on the pipes, and thus the pipes rupture, leading to leakage of water. If your pipes are not well maintained, this situation is likely to happen.


Sometimes, the roots of trees growing near the pipe’s water lines burst into the pipe and continue developing within the pipe, thereby blocking it from inside. In addition, it leads to rupturing of the pipes as the roots grow stronger and thicker. Soon the roots burst open from the pipe by collapsing your plumbing system.


It is an important reason behind pipe damage. If you do not stress pipe maintenance and fail to inspect the condition of your home’s pipes, the pipes are likely to get clogged or collapse, causing water backflow and water flooding in your home. In addition, due to your irresponsible behavior, you might cause damage to your property and face the consequences of paying extra money for repairing the damaged plumbing system. So, you must regularly scrutinize the pipes and make amends beforehand.


Even the flow of water inside the pipe can lead to its rupturing due to its pressure. Therefore, you must ensure that the water pressure in the pipes of your home is maintained at a medium level which is acceptable and safe for the pipes. You can also attach a regulator for lowering the water pressure if the speed and force of water at your home are too high. It will guarantee the longevity of the pipes.


Human actions are also responsible directly for damaging the pipes of your home. For instance, if there is any construction work near your house, the workers dig the ground, and it might affect the underground sewer system connected to your home. It may also cause the collapse of the pipes.

So, the above-stated factors indicate the potential causes of broken pipes in your home. If such a situation occurs, you must immediately hire a restoration contractor who can analyze the degree of damage. They use the moisture meters for their inspection and also help in drying the affected areas. If you have property insurance, it is usually covered by it, and you can claim for the insurance return and use it for the repair works. However, in some cases, the insurance companies offer fewer insurance claims or delay the procedure. Sometimes the companies denying paying the claim. In such a situation, you need the expert guidance of a professional who is experienced in handling similar cases. You can contact a Broken Pipe Damage Insurance Claim Attorney in Florida to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Since the lawyers are aware of the reasons cited by the insurance companies for denying the claims, they can present their cases accordingly and ensure maximum benefit for their clients. Therefore, you should let the experts handle the case instead of being burdened with the issues all by yourself.


So, you must focus on the maintenance of the pipes and your home’s plumbing system to evade any hazardous situation caused by rupturing of pipes. You must inspect the condition of the pipes and get in touch with an expert plumber to clear the blockage or to mend the cracks or gaps. You can also use insulation to protect the pipes in winter. However, in case of any severe damage, you can claim insurance returns under the guidance of an expert lawyer to guarantee maximum financial gain, as per Lawyer Roll blog. 

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