Top Electric Cars to Look For

Nowadays, petrol prices are skyrocketing — it might be time to go electric. Initially, investing in an electric car might be more expensive, but it pays off in the long run. The cost of every EV varies, as well. Compared to other types of vehicles, electric cars are more convenient, less expensive, and quieter to operate. In addition to being environmentally friendly, they don’t emit exhaust gases. In cities, electric vehicles are capable of reducing air pollution and transforming transportation.

Considering the number of options available, our focus was on showcasing both innovation and effectiveness. Hundreds of electric vehicles are scheduled to be launched soon. Do not worry. We have got you covered with the best electric cars to go for.

The list below of top electric cars includes models you might have not yet been told about. Although some models will be available, others remain somewhat unknown.

1. Cadillac Lyriq

The Cadillac Lyriq 2023 highlights new styling and design for the brand and introduces a new, modular electric platform. It is about the same size as the Cadillac XT6 SUV. However, the Lyriq has a distinct design, being 6 inches taller and riding on a base that is 9 inches wider. The most prominent feature of its cabin is a curving 33-inch LED screen that extends across the instrument panel to the spot where the infotainment display is typically located.

2. 2023 BMW i7

The coming BMW i7 will be a fully electric model of the next generation 7 Series. BMW has only released teaser images of the new model, the i7xDrive60, which will come with a base price of nearly $120,000. BMW promises to fully reveal the car in April 2022.

BMW according to the BMW website, the i7 can provide 300 miles in an electric-powered range. It’s likely to have a battery pack in common with the BMW iXxDrive50 and produce 536 horsepower, which makes this the strongest model of the revamped 7 Series lineup.

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3. Magneto Jeep Wrangler

If you are looking for a completely electric Jeep equipped with Wrangler specifications, the Magneto is sure to look and sound very appealing for those who enjoy driving on the most challenging terrains. The concept model that is the Wrangler EV will most likely include two electric motors that produce 285 horsepower, along with an automatic transmission with six speeds.

Because of the layout and design, the EV will come with a four-battery size, the capacity of which has not been revealed. As for the price, the Wrangler electric jeep is expected to cost around $50,000 for the base model.

4. Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin is bringing back the Lagonda name for its new electronic luxury line. The brand introduced the concept in 2018 under “Vision Concept” and announced plans to start production in 2022. Apart from its exterior and interior style, very little is known concerning the Lagonda All-Terrain.

Nevertheless, according to Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, Aston Martin’s new EVs will perform similarly to its gasoline-powered models and more than 300 miles of range on electricity.

5. Kia EV9

Kia’s brand-new, three-row, electric SUV is scheduled to be launched in mid-2023 and will be available for sale in America by 2024. With plenty of passenger space, the EV9 is expected to be able to travel for 300 miles and has a DC Fast Charging capability of 80 percent in less than 20 minutes. An all-wheel car is also available.

The car has an angular design and a striking LED signature design, while the interior is a blend of luxurious materials and the latest technology. It is also likely to feature the 27 inches display in the car for the infotainment system and the instruments.

Moreover, an E-GMP extended platform and twin-motor four-wheel drive are also expected. It also has an electric battery of 100 kWh that can give you up to 400 miles of range.

6. Sony Vision-S 02

There is a rumor that Sony in partnership with Honda is planning to produce the Vision-S 02 seven-passenger vehicle to launch in 2025. The all-electric crossover will compete against Tesla Model Y. The dual motor Vision-S 2 is said to provide 536 horsepower as well as a brand-new autonomous driving feature. No word yet on an expected delivery date or the price.

7. Tesla Cybertruck

Not a surprise since everyone is waiting for more all-electric pickup Cybertruck. Apart from the unique design, which is angular, the design replaces the conventional frame of a truck with a strong stainless-steel “exoskeleton,” similar to aircraft designs. The exterior is constructed of Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled steel, making the truck nearly impervious to attack. The glass is prepared from a polymer-layered composite, meaning you can kiss any unwelcome cracks away!

The truck will be offered with three variants and battery ranges of 250, 350, and 500 miles. The most powerful model promises the ability to go from 0-60 speed in 2.9 seconds. It also can pull 14,000 pounds.

Tesla revealed a base price of less than $40,000; however, we will take it with caution given the company’s track record of increasing prices frequently.


The introduction of new EV and plug-in hybrid vehicles in a variety of segments is excellent news for those searching for an alternative fuel vehicle that can meet their requirements.