Top Mistakes to Avoid When Washing Your Car

Washing your cat at home and getting professional results would make your life easier. If you are not getting good results after washing your car at home, then probably you are making the common car wash mistakes. The washing detergent of cars and waxes has made it possible that the painstaking efforts don’t result in paint-scratching errors. 

Having an immaculate interior and gorgeous glow can be achieved if you avoid the common car washing mistakes. It is not all about the cleaning products of the car but also the methods you use. to ensure the effective cleaning of the car, you need to avoid some mistakes. 

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Washing Your Car

Using A Home-Based Soap or Detergent

The soap or detergent you are using to wash your clothes cannot be used to wash your car. These cleaners are bad for your car’s paint. Also, it removes the protective wax coating from the surface. These cleaners are not pH balanced and you will damage the clear coat of your car. Instead of using a kitchen soap, detergent, or degreaser, you should use an automotive soap. 

The automotive soap ensures that you don’t strip the wax and damage the car’s paint. Also, it comes with a balanced ph. It is a great foaming cleaner and provides great lubrication when you use the cleaning cloth or towel against the paint. 

Cleaning The Car in Direct Sunlight 

Cleaning The Car in Direct Sunlight 

The common mistake that people make is to wash their car in the direct sunlight. During the daytime, the sun is hot and you should wait until it sets. When the sun sets, you will be able to get a good shine on your car and you will be able to see where all the dirt is. 

The main reason that you should not be washing your car in direct sunlight is that the car’s surface will be hot. The water that you will be using to wash the car, will evaporate instantly. Hence, it leaves marks on the car’s body. Also, the cleaners and chemicals are not supposed to be used on hot surfaces. The package of the cleaner mentions that you can park the car in shade to wash it.

This problem or mistake is done only in summers. In winters, you can wash your car any time, except when it’s raining or snowing. When you wash the car in the direct sunlight, you will be pushing yourself to wash the car and you might get dizzy. 

Not Using Lubrication 

Another common mistake people make while washing their cars is that they don’t use lubrication. When your car is completely dry, you can use a type of spray wax. For example, if you are having a bird poop on your car, then don’t dry clean it. Instead, some kind of lubricant to wash the mess. After wiping one way, fold the towel over wipe and use it for further cleaning. 

Bird poop is acidic and it might scratch the paint when you dry it with a dry cloth. To avoid scratching, make sure that your car is soaking wet or you are using a lubricant to wash a part of your car. If you are having a black car, then it is one of the most difficult colors to wash. Also, it shows the scratches easily. 

Use The Power Washer Correctly 

To make your car soaking wet, you can use a bucket or a power washer. The power washer makes sure that you wash off the dirt from the car by just using the adjustable power washer. If there is mud stuck on the bumpers, side skirts, tires, etc. you will be able to wash them off with the power washer. Some people don’t use the power washer correctly and they might damage a body part of their car. 

To use the power washer correctly, put your hand in front of it, check if it hurts your hand or not. If it is hurting your hand, then it is too much pressure for your car. Also, if you are using the power washer for the first time, then washing your car at a close distance might not be comfortable for you. Try using it at a distance of 3 feet from the car. 

Don’t Use Paper Towel or Old T-Shirts 

You should not be using a paper towel on the paint of your car. They are rough on touch and can easily damage the paint. Also, you should not be using an old t-shirt. Some t-shirts are having printing on them and they act like sandpaper. If the t-shirt you are using is not having printing but it is too old, then it will leave streaks all over the car. 

On the other hand, you don’t want to use a sponge on your car’s paint. Also, a bathing towel is not good for your car’s paint. Instead of using an old t-shirt and towels, you can use a soft microfiber towel that is good for your car’s paint. 

Wash Your Car from Top to The Bottom 

The common mistake is that people start washing their cars from the bottom. According to the rule of thumb, start washing your car from the top and then the bottom. There is one exception that you can wash or wash the rims or wheels first. While cleaning the rims, use a soft microfiber towel. On the wheels or rims, you cannot use a paper towel or any other towel. Also, use a lubricant to wash the wheels. 

Paper towels cannot be used for rims because they will scratch the clear coat from the rims that are to protect the aluminum finish. Once you have cleaned the 4 tires, you can start cleaning your car from the top. It is because the top of the car is less dirty than the bottom. The bottom is closest to the ground or road catches dirt, dust, mud, road grime, road dirt, etc. 

Also, you should be using two different towels for cleaning the top and bottom of the car. It is because the mud, grime, road dirt, etc. are acidic and gritty and you don’t want to scratch the car paint.

Don’t Clean in A Swirling Motion 

The swirling scratches or lines you see on the car in the sunlight are caused due to the common mistake of washing the car. Sometimes it is caused by the washing cloth and mainly due to the swirling motion. For example, when you are cleaning your car, make sure that you have decided on one direction to wash the car. 

Try to wash your car in one straight angle where you go from front to the rear of the car. If you are using the swirling motion, you will be having scratches at different angles on the car’s body. 

Don’t Use One Bucket 

Some people repeat this common mistake every time they wash their car. You need 2 buckets to wash the car effectively. One bucket with clean water and the other is with soap. Take the soap from the soapy bucket and apply it to the car. When the soft microfiber towel gets dirty with mud or road dirt, wash it in clean water to get rid of the dirt. 

Instead of using the dirty towel, use a dry soft, and clean microfiber towel so that it absorbs the water from the car. The dirty soft microfiber will be a hazard to your car’s paint. Keep in mind that you don’t want to wash your car in swirling motion. 

Don’t Apply Too Much Wax 

Wax on, wax off is the easy way to wax your car. After washing your car, simply apply one layer of wax when the surface of the car gets a little bit white. Applying extra layers of wax is not good for your car and you will be wasting it. After applying wax, wipe it off with a soft microfiber towel. 

Wash Windshield and Windows Properly 

Wash Windshield and Windows Properly 

When you are washing your car, you need to show some love to the windows and especially the windshield. A dirty windshield is a hazard while driving at night. You can use a cleaning solution to wash or clean the windshield and windows. 

After washing the windshield, apply wax on it and wipe it thoroughly with a soft microfiber towel. It will ensure that you get an extra shine on the windshield and the water runs down faster in the rain. Hence, you will be having a better vision. 

Washing Your Car Right – Avoid Common Mistakes

Try to avoid the common mistakes while washing your car. If you are repeating these mistakes, you are damaging your car with time. There will be a time when your car’s paint will fade out and it will be having scratches at different angles. Instead of damaging your vehicle’s paint in different types of car washes, make sure that you use the right methods and equipment.