Top Online Slots that Make People Millionaires

It doesn’t take several years to become an online casino millionaire. It is enough to hit the jackpot once on those slot machines that provide such an opportunity. It is worth understanding this winning system in order to take part in such a competition in the future. There are several online slots that make people millionaires. Let’s evaluate the most popular ones.

Jackpot concept

The jackpot is a single pool of money that is made up of a certain percentage of each bet made by players. Example: a player bets $1, 95% goes to the standard winnings, 4% to the casino income and, for example, 1% to the jackpot. Over time, this amount can reach hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars. It depends on the number of players and the size of the average bet placed by the casino users. When the corresponding algorithm is triggered, the lucky player collects the entire amount of money, that is, he wins the Jackpot.

The Progressive Jackpot is the central jackpot coming from many slots on the most popular slot machine. In this example, 10 casinos offer a progressive jackpot game, a portion of each bet is transferred to a central computer, and then entirely transferred to a lucky player who receives certain symbols on the reel or in the bonus game.

The most popular progressive jackpot slots online. There are several very popular slot machines that offer progressive jackpots.

MEGA FORTUNE from Netent – three jackpot opportunities at once

MEGA FORTUNE from Netent - three jackpot opportunities at once

The slot machine has become very popular. Rates like $40 at a time are nothing special. Such moves lead to a rapid increase in the jackpot, which, in turn, leads to huge wins. In the game Mega Fortune, real money slots Australia drop on average once every 3 months, and its average value is 4.5 million euros.

It should be noted that 3 jackpots are waiting for the lucky player in the slot machine:

  • Mega
  • Major
  • Rapid

The biggest jackpots reach several million euros. But you can become a millionaire on all three variants of this online slot machine.

As many as two victories on this car hit the Guinness Book of Records. Finn won exactly €17,861,813 at online casino in 2013, and a Norwegian student won €11,736,375 at Betsson Casino in 2011.

Subsequent winnings are also breathtaking, but they do not exceed €10 million. For example, a Danish player won €4.3 million at Unibet casino in 2009, and a few years later at the same casino, a Swedish woman took €7.6 million.

Of course, the portfolio of winners does not end there, there are a lot of winnings, and they happen at an enviable frequency.

MEGA MOOLAH Microgaming – two more options to become a millionaire

MEGA MOOLAH Microgaming - two more options to become a millionaire

The second position is the Mega Moolah game developed by the American company Microgaming.

There are several jackpots of different value in the game, but two are worth mentioning:


In the first case, the guaranteed prize is from 1 million (euros, US dollars or British pounds) or, in the case of the second jackpot, the amount starts from 10,000 to several million. The average time efficiency of the jackpot accuracy is 12 weeks, so statistically every 3 months players have a chance to win a MEGA win. However, in the case of Mega Moolah, the amounts are lower, but start at a million, and not, as in the case of Mega Fortune, with 25 million euros.

Mega Moolah is popular in many online casinos and players from different countries win, there is no Scandinavian advantage here, which is also good, jackpot bets often reach a small amount: 25 or 50 cents. In the beginning, it is worth mentioning an important fact: the jackpot was taken by a Pole who became rich in the amount of more than $1.2 million and who played at 0.25 cents per bet.

Similar happiness came to a gambler from Greece with a 50 cent bet at the River Belle casino. He won over 4.6 million euros, which is the highest win in the history of this slot so far. At the same time, there is an opportunity to win several large prizes by one person within a few days. At the lesser known casino, John from England received 7.2 million euros in a short time. The first thing he did a few days after winning was to exchange his car for an English Jaguar XP. The Finn got a little less luck – 4 million euros in the little-known online casino Blackjack Ballroom. It took place in Sydney, so Australia is among a limited number of countries where huge winnings are paid out.

There have been other big winnings in the history of this slot machine: €4.1 million at the Spin Palace casino, €2.7 million at the Challenge casino or €2.1 million at the La Vida casino.

Arabian Nights Online Slot – Netent

Another highlight from Netent is the Arabian Nights video slot, which is often compared to the most popular Mega Fortune slot machine. The highest prize went to Finn, who entered  the Guinness Book of Records in the amount of 8.6 million euros in 2012. In this case, it was the so-called non-pooled jackpot, unrelated to other casinos offered only by, which, of course, breaks popularity records in Scandinavia. It should be noted that all casino income goes to charity.

In 2013, the 40-year-old Norwegian from Sunnmøre won €7.3 million at Betsson Casino. Only at the casino there were 3 serious jackpots: 4.1 million euros, 1.6 million euros and 1.1 million euros. All winnings were high entry stakes, which averaged €5.

Many other casinos also add substantial winnings to their winning tables, such as Casinoeuro: €3.3 million. This option made the Finn richer, who has been playing this game for 5 years, making bets on average 5 euros. Almost the same amount was also won by a woman from the Netherlands, also at Casinoeuro in May 2013. However, she did not stop playing, and a few months later, she enjoyed a double win of the second jackpot of the same amount, this time in a Mega Fortune game. She has won over 7 million euros in total.

Prizes are often thwarted in this game, so users consider the slot to be one of the most popular progressive slot machines on the Internet.

Hall of Gods – Netent company

Hall of Gods - Netent company

In the ranking, it is worth mentioning another important game, namely Hall of Gods, also produced by Netent, which boasts considerable wins.

The biggest payouts in the history of this game:

  1. Betsson Casino – 7.6 million euros;
  2. on Unibet – 7.3 million euros;
  3. Again at the Betsson casino – 6.7 million euros;
  4. We must not forget about the English bookmaker Betvictor, which won 6.4 million euros at the beginning of 2014.

Here are four pretty big wins. In fifth place is a jackpot worth over 2.6 million euros. On this slot machine, the statistically most important jackpot falls every 29 weeks. More often the local MIDI jackpot falls out of the smaller size, ranging between 10-50 thousand euros.

The described slot machines provide great opportunities to become a millionaire and start enjoying life.