Top Ranked Global Luxury Car Brands of 2021


What qualifies a car for top luxury status? It is their refinement, engine power, exemplary handling, superb interior, ample use of technology, and an array of incredible features that give every customer seeking refinement value for their money.

Currently, leading brands manufacture sophisticated car models that are equipped with key performance, luxury, and security features like programmable keys, transponder keys, and smart auto alarm systems. Notably, these machines are extreme gas consumers and demand high maintenance costs which means they are used for ostentatious purposes. However, it all becomes budget-friendly maintaining a super luxury car with the right long-term professional partnerships such as specialty auto locksmiths in Houston.

Read on to learn more about the leading luxurious vehicle brands in 2021.

Mercedes- Benz

It is almost certain that the Mercedes – Benz brand makes no #1 in most modern lists. It’s their consistency in the market and insistence on quality that distinguishes anything with a Mercedes logo on it. The 1926 company is a top car brand choice for many customers worldwide. The brand is hailed for having cost-effective models for its enthusiastic customers. It is associated with simple but classy designs and also high-end models for optimal luxury. Like most major car brands, original parts and accessories of individual Mercedes car models have to be ordered from the manufacturer. Commonly, you will find Mercedes cars furnished with leather seats that complement the elegant interior design of the vehicle. This is a brand that backs all its elaborate marketing campaigns with authentic features suited to modern living. Additionally, its vehicles’ top engineering lets the specific models rank high among the most durable automobiles in the market today.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce

With utmost luxury in mind, many buyers today lookout for uniqueness when choosing a car best suited to their status. This is where the Rolls Royce models boldly step in to offer prestige. The company delivers unparalleled identity, engineering, and entertainment value. Moreover, the vehicle is a powerful machine with a V12 engine that can seamlessly handle extreme acceleration despite its heavyweight features. There is no doubt that this car is a rare project that acknowledges customers’ diverse preferences and offers supreme specs in terms of customization and the run-flat feature, which facilitates a continuously smooth ride for an ultimate luxury riding experience. You hardly hear anything from the outside when riding on Rolls Royce performance machines.


Although the old German company comes third in the list, it provides a convenient option for business and recreation car users owing to its high-end caliber. The company has gained tremendous fame in recent years after establishing itself as a capable competitor to Mercedes, among other top brands, thanks to its latest outstanding car designs. BMW cars have edgy shapes and smooth bodies with the finest leather embroidery and royal interior colors. Overall, the BMW models are appreciated for their cutting edge technology including the windshield augmented reality that redefines the typical driving experience.

Range Rover

To become one of the most respected brands, the Range Rover Company had to generate an eccentric ecosystem within an automobile. The fourth-generation car is a gem! It’s spacious and packed with complex, but convenient features. Range Rovers are also able to maintain a stellar performance in different terrains. This is because they are four-wheel drives with a feature to adjust the height and shock absorption, among other properties. The latest models run smoothly off-road as they would on the tarmac.


The Bentley Continental GT is another masterpiece built by Bentley with a little help from Porsche. The car’s exterior has a very compact design with even smoother edges than most luxury car brands. Unlike previous releases, the company used a straightforward yet luxurious design on the car’s front. It is also smaller and looks less bulky but with an ample interior. Performance-wise, there’s no second-guessing a Bentley machine, especially the new GT model. It is powerful; a feature that comes with its heavyweight properties, and has high acceleration rates. Also, it features a W12 engine, a 900NM capability, and 626bhp, making it a worthwhile inclusion to the list.

Riding on one of these powerful machines is a dream for many people. Despite their extravagance in luxury features, these are the most potent cars worldwide and can face all day-to-day quite effortlessly. For any of these car brands, you can increase security attributes by ordering bulletproof customization, among other aspects. Many think that luxury cars are overrated up until they ride in one. After the initial investment, all you need is to keep up with maintenance obligations to get the best out of your preferred hybrid car.

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