Top Repair and Maintenance Services to Keep Your Euro Car Roadworthy


There’s a popular saying that goes, “different strokes for different folks.” This applies to almost everything in life. From ice cream flavors to the kind of cars one goes for, different people can certainly make unique choices or have individual preferences.

For some, owning a European car is something that they aspire to achieve. And there is a wide range of options to choose from – from luxurious Bentleys to Volkswagen or “the people’s car.” Each one has a unique value proposition that speaks to a specific person. And when it does, a perfect match is made.

Dreams on Wheels

European cars – be they British, Italian, French or German – all have their unique characteristics and features. These vehicles have sophisticated features and elements that would require careful attention from highly trained technicians, engineers, and other auto experts. If you want your car to be given the appropriate care, then it is ideal to have a trusted car maintenance service provider to keep it in great shape.

Part of taking care of your car is ensuring that it is regularly brought in to a reputable car service center. Ideally, it is best to bring your vehicle to the able and highly capable hands of car masters that specialize in European cars. Their experience and expertise will surely help your car stay in top-notch condition.

Here are some of the top auto repair and maintenance services that you and your car service provider need to keep tabs on to keep your European can healthy and roadworthy:

1. Accident Repair Services

According to the Global Status Report on Road Safety released in 2018 by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 1.35 million people who die from road traffic-related cases. Others who figure in these accidents end up getting injured.

For those who are fortunate to have come out of such road mishaps unscathed, one of their top concerns is the state of their vehicle.

If your vehicle has survived a collision, it is best to have it checked and repaired by a reliable car service center. Some insurance companies may unknowingly bring these affected vehicles to workshops that do not really care for manufacturer specifications. There are even some dubious workshops that take shortcuts and skip purchasing the proper materials or parts just to scrimp on costs.

These sketchy practices will put you and your vehicle at risk. It will also be a source of stress as your car will continue to break down since it wasn’t given the proper diagnosis and care from the outset.

To prevent this from happening, it is always best to bring your vehicle to a trustworthy car service center offering quality car accident repair services. There, you can be assured that your vehicle will be given the best care and returned to you fully restored.

2. Car Care Services

When you truly care for your car, then you would naturally be concerned with its overall look and condition. Taking care of your vehicle will give you many positive returns, such as an excellent ride and many more miles of safe and comfortable driving.

To ensure that your car is kept looking buffed and polished, you can also make regular car care appointments with your trusty car service center. There is a slew of car care services to keep your car looking fresh for longer.

A highly regarded car service center will provide excellent care for your car. From ceramic coating to paint protection, you can be sure that each nook and cranny will be addressed. Having your car detailed inside and out as well as having other services done like interior leather repair or shampooing will keep your car looking and smelling good.

3. Electrical Repair Services

As time goes by, your beloved vehicle will begin exhibiting signs of old age. This will include symptoms of electrical inconsistencies that may affect a ride. Some electrical issues include wiring concerns, control module problems, issues with the engine control unit (ECU) or the transmission control module (TCM) or turbo actuator glitches.

When this happens, you should drive down to to have your car properly checked. It is best not to ignore signs of electric failure since these could also put you and your passengers at risk. Specially trained service center technicians will be able to check what’s wrong with your car electrical system with the help of the most up-to-date tools and equipment.

4. Mechanical Repair Services

Regular wear and tear will affect car performance. Some might think that mechanical repairs can be done by just any Tom, Dick, or Harry, but the truth is that mechanical repairs (from brake pad replacement up to a full engine overhaul) must be done in a full-service automotive shop by Brake Specialists.

Under the supervision and attention of proficient European car specialists, your car will get only the best care possible. It will also benefit from high-tech diagnostic tools and repair equipment. Furthermore, it is important that your mechanical repair experts use original or quality OEM parts for the car to perform like new.

5. Scheduled Maintenance Services

Prevention is better than cure, and if you believe in this maxim, then you have better chances of driving a car that is in superb shape.

Aside from practicing good driving habits, it will be advantageous if you can bring your car in for regular maintenance service. This is to ensure that all its inner workings, as well as its interiors and exteriors, get a thorough once-over.

A responsible service center will offer you a comprehensive health check of your car as well as a meticulous vehicle inspection. Usually, these service checks must be conducted on your vehicle every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers to ensure that it is still fit to be driven.

Taking your car in for regular checks will help you avoid costly repairs or replacements down the road as the diagnostic test will find out if there are any irregularities that need to be addressed.  Be sure to check out great insight from the GoodMenProject.

100 Percent Performance

When you’ve finally got your hands on your dream car, you would surely do everything to keep it in tip-top shape. If you want it to be your constant road companion for many years to come, then you should also be proactive in ensuring that it is always in good condition.

Taking it to a reliable service center with European car specialists, proper tools and equipment, and a wide network of original or OEM parts suppliers is a vital component in ensuring excellent driveability and road performance.


Ahmad Ramadan is a Managing Partner at Deutsche Technik Service Center, Dubai’s first and largest VW, Audi, Mercedes, Bentley, Porsche, & Lamborghini vehicle specialist and performance tuner. DT has also built an illustrious portfolio in classic car repair, maintenance, and restoration, as well as bodywork (accident repair, painting, and denting). DT Service Centre offers a full range of services: mechanical repairs, maintenance, servicing, etc.



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