Top Tricks to Remove Bugs From Your Car Without Scratches


In warm places like Australia, bugs and insects have the perfect environment to grow and wreak havoc.  Globally, bugs are responsible for 650,000 per year, and a significant portion of this statistic is from places like Australia and Gulf countries.  They are the most infuriating and frustrating little things you can hit on roads.  A lot of flying insects can stain the exterior of your vehicle and, if not careful while cleaning, will cause some scratches.  In this article, you will learn how to prevent bugs in your vehicle without damage and scratches.

Clay Mitt or Clay Bar

It is difficult to remove tar and bug spatter after they have dried.  If you remove it in a normal way, it will damage the surface of the car.  You should use a clay mitt or bar to remove the dried remains of the insect.  The dust particles on the clay bars stick to the surface and remove the bugs from the exterior.  You can use a lubricating spray on the clay to make it easier to slip on the surface.  Clay mitts are also good at removing dust and other dirt particles, making them a versatile product.

Cleaners and Degreaser

Using a glass cleaner or degreaser is another effective and easy way to remove bugs from your car without scratching it.  The idea is to remove the debris instead of breaking it down.  However, you might have to scrub with a micro-fibre cloth afterwards to remove the stain.  Remember, if you use glass cleaners or degreasers, ensure they do not contain ammonia or a high pH; ​​otherwise, the paint surfaces will deteriorate.  It is also essential to wash your car thoroughly after removing sticky items to eliminate the remaining residues of degreasers or liquids.

Microfiber-Mesh Products

It is an excellent, soft, microfiber-mesh product that does not scratch or damage your car.  It’s like a clay mitt, but not that hard.  However, you must use them with some recommended cleaning agents.  Although the material is soft, it will leave some scratches or stain marks when used dry.  Experts recommend micro-fibre products to remove all types of stains from the exterior and interior of a car.

Coating the Font End

Coating the front end of your vehicle with Paint Protection Film (PPF) or ceramic is the best way to protect against bug splatter.  Both products use some form of nanotechnology, which allows the front end of the vehicle to repair minor scratches and damages.  Since they coat the vehicle, you don’t need to worry about scratches and other issues caused by bugs and insects.

Time is the key to removing bugs from the exterior because they will dry up and cause a serious headache for the owner.  Start with the least aggressive tactics and work your way to removing bugs from your car.  In addition, if you can get rid of bugs with a simple pressure washer cleaner and frequent washing, do so without wasting time.


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