Toyota 4runner Car Camping Setup


If you enjoy camping, you will need a vehicle that is both practical and dependable also capable of carrying all of your must-have camping gear. The well-known Toyota 4Runner is considered one of the most preferred camping vehicles among campers. 

Nowadays 4Runner is capable of getting you far away from overcrowded campsites and has been offered off-road competence. When you wake up in the morning and all you can feel is nature along with a sizzling river next to you, you’ve entered the realm of relaxation. 

Whatever your budget, the below mentioned Toyota 4runner car camping setup ideas will assuredly get something for you. 

Toyota 4runner Car Camping Setup

The 4Runner is tiny and compact, making it perfect for stealthy camping on downtown roads or boondocking in rural campgrounds. It’s considerably safer to drive at just below 16 feet long, so there’s no challenge about towing stability. However, there are a few interior and exterior modifications to improve your camping setup of the rooftop tent for 4runner. 

Continue reading to discover more about your Toyota 4runner Car Camping Setup.

Essential Camping Equipment

Camping in a 4Runner is similar to living in a van. Meanwhile, your camping setup is supposed to be relaxing. Every 4Runner camping arrangement requires a sleeping bed, a power and drinking water source, cooking equipment, storage areas and so on. There are several additional things to think about as well:

  • A transportable mattress 
  • A solar-powered setup
  • portable toilet system
  • plastic bags
  • Reusable Cutleries
  • Air bed
  • Food supplies
  • Camping chairs
  • Lights
  • Clothes and toiletries
  • Outdoor showering setup with  privacy 
  • camping stove
  • Safety equipment
  • Collapsible kitchenware and water bottles

Setup Your Toyota 4runner for Camping

Camping in a 4Runner is a unique experience. It took a lot of ingenuity to fit everything together in your 4Runner Toyota car. Yet, whether you take must have belongings to survive plus camp full-time means a lot of things to consider. It’s all about the convenience of accessibility and setup. You need to categorize everything carefully and secure them in easy-to-reach positions. Thusly it will let you or your family members handle everything in a short time.

With such a setup, you may spend more time enjoying the surroundings. What you pack and bring with you is depends on your flexibility and travel experiences.

In the meantime, your setup doesn’t have to be the fastest, but it should be customizable. If you don’t think you need to unpack something, then don’t. For example, if you’re only staying one night at a campsite, you may simply unpack the rooftop tent and other basic things. If you’re staying at a campsite for a few days, you’ll need to unpack all of your belongings and set up your kitchen, restroom, bedding areas, as well as a covered sitting area.

You can even sleep in the 4Runner’s cargo compartment. This is a common way to spend the night when travelling or camping. Sleeping in the vehicle is a perfect idea if you are not setting up a tent or do not prefer to sleep in a rooftop tent. To get a good night’s sleep, all you need is a comfortable mattress in your cargo space.

The nicest thing about driving off-road and losing track of the metropolitan skyline is that you feel mentally refreshed. Once you’re surrounded by trees, mountains, waterfalls and rivers, all of your anxieties about job, money, and other difficulties simply fade away.

Last but not Least

So, if you’re a passionate camper who wants to discover everything, put your gear on properly depending on the weather and surrounding conditions. Winter camping might be challenging at times, but you can feel the calm and serenity while camping in such a place. All you have to do is carefully pack your belongings and notify your family or friends of your intended camping location. Always keep in mind that safety comes first.

Final Thought

The 4Runner is already a pretty outdoorsy car, and it’s ideal for camping trips with country lanes or even deep ditches. Simply add a customized mattress, extra storage areas, and cooking equipment. 

Following the above-mentioned Toyota 4runner car camping setup enhancements and additions will make your camping trip more convenient and enjoyable. Finally, you’ve got yourself an enthusiast camper who is all set to go!

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