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The US trucking and logistics industry has had to make some great changes in the past couple of years, thanks to the imposition of the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) Rule. The ELD Rule mandates all vehicles that are required to provide Record Of Duty (ROD) details must be fitted with an ELD that meets the regulations. This is in place of any former type of logging device that they may already have fitted. The aim is to provide a safer environment for drivers and operators, with greater accuracy in terms of data logging and other detailed information.

For individuals with their own trucks, the directive has meant spending money on a new ELD and getting it fitted. There are no exceptions to the rule, so this has been necessary. Any driver who has not switched to the new system may face a large fine. You need to have one fitted to enable Hours of Service (HOS) recording and data logging. Below, we will look at one model of ELD that may be suitable for individuals or for fleet operators.

About Transflo ELD

What is it about the Transflo ELD that makes it popular? This is a simple to use a device that currently has more 300,000 users and is made by a company with extensive experience in developing such devices. The Transflo ELD is designed to provide a range of benefits, including accurate data logging, improved cost efficiency, better safety for drivers – reducing fatigue is a primary objective of the ELD directive – and many more.

Perhaps the most important factor to remember is that it is a mandatory device. There is no getting away from the fact that you – as a driver – need to have one installed, and if you drive for a fleet then they should have ensured your vehicle is equipped with a device such as this that meets the Government requirements.

It’s worth mentioning here that it’s not only trucks that are required to carry these devices. Any vehicle subject to ROD logging must have an ELD fitted; hence the directive extends to public service vehicles and buses too. If you don’t have one fitted and you are driving such a vehicle, you are currently breaking the law and need to get one fitted. So, let’s put a brief user guide together and also advise you to read this comprehensive Transflo ELD review that goes into a lot more detail than we have space to include.

What Transflo ELD Can Do

The Transflo ELD comes with a host of interesting features, which you will see described in detail in the review. We’ve summarized them below:

  • GPS tracking in real-time
  • Vehicle diagnostics (often, these devices plug into a diagnostics port)
  • Engine management tracking
  • Fuel efficiency optimization
  • Route comparison function
  • Violation alert (if a driver goes beyond their legal hours the system will remind them)
  • Document scanner
  • Accident recording feature
  • Smartphone app for communication with the fleet manager and others

As you can see from the above, the Transflo ELD offers a wide range of features that are of benefit to the driver. A major advantage of the latest ELD’s over previous types – with which the data was recorded as a paper document – is that the new versions cannot be tampered with. If any changes need to be made to data, such changes are always recorded, so that all actions can be accounted for.

Easy to Install

One of the attractions of the Transflo ELD is that it is remarkably simple to install. You simply plug it into a 6, 9 or 16-pin diagnostic port – there are adapters available if needed – download the app and follow the instructions, and you’re ready to go – it really is that easy!

As for the cost, you pay a $99 fee for the equipment, after which a $25 monthly subscription is required for the basic plan – perfect for solo drivers – or a $31 fee for the full version, which is aimed at fleet managers and those with more than one vehicle. This compares favourably with the competition.

Is the Transflo ELD for you? There are many such items on the market, so it’s worth shopping around, but it is very popular and meets the legal requirements, and at a sensible cost.

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