Truck Accident: What You Need To Know When Filing For A Claim

Whether you have been in a truck accident or are wanting to help a loved one out by learning about truck accident claims, having the support of an experienced truck accident attorney will aid in permitting you to get the help and compensation the victim needs, and more.

The Written Agreement

After getting in touch with an experienced truck accident lawyer and making the decision of having him or her represent you, the first step will be for you to sign a Retainer Agreement. This is often referred to as the Letter Of Engagement.

This kind of contract will bind you and the hired professional towards a negotiated goal of you paying “in advance” for a service which will be supplied within the pre-discussed timeframe. It will also state that your lawyer is in agreement of being available to and for you, should you have inquiries regarding the matter at hand (i.e. your truck accident claim).

Other details to be included are as follows:

Confidentiality: Everything you discuss with your lawyer from here on out will be held in strict confidence. Breaking said confidentiality is a breach of contract and you will have every right to hold this against your attorney.

Fees And Other Charges: Fees of the professional’s services are to be detailed and expressly identified, so as not to mislead you about the totality of what you are to pay for. For this factor, feel free to ask your lawyer about every single charge and recompense. Even office drop-ins for sudden queries, calls, document forwarding, and the like should be included in the contract and stated clearly, should they have allocated charges.

Disclaimer: Here, your attorney will state what his or her limitations are regarding the case, the possibilities of outcomes after the filing, investigations which may take place (in your personal records, medical history and related medical records, past accidents if any, etc.).

Timelines: Although truck against claims and cases’ timelines are typically at the behest of the court and/or the availability of the respondent and how they respond to your claim, general timelines can be set within the Letter Of Agreement.

Proper Communication

Your Sole Representative

The ONLY person you are to speak with about the truck accident claim is your attorney. There are NO exceptions to this rule. You cannot relay your story with your friends and loved ones, coworkers, etc.

In the event that you and your significant other are usually present during discussions with your representative, advise him or her to do the same.

No Reporting To Insurance

DO NOT REPORT YOUR ACCIDENT AND/OR CLAIM TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. This might prompt them to have their own legal representatives review your claim and tip the scales in favor of the company itself. This equates to less payouts from them, or none at all. A scenario you should veer away from altogether.

Furthermore, be on the alert for anyone who might try to “fish” out information from you. Such people may be from the insurance company (or from the respondent or perpetrator of the accident). These ploys could very well be a means for them to have you unknowingly reveal information and/or sign contracts or statements that absolve them of any responsibility and/or compensation required for your injuries.