Trucks For Sale: The Most Commonly Asked Questions


In search of trucks for sale? There are sure to be a number of questions that come into play when it comes time to narrow down the choices. By knowing more about the right questions to ask, shoppers are able to find the perfect truck for their needs.

There’s no reason to take any chances when it comes to a purchase of this magnitude. The task can be daunting, even to those who know plenty about automobiles. Let’s take a closer look at the questions that need to be answered before a final decision can be made:

1. Is This An “As Is” Purchase?

Before getting started, it is important to know what the term ‘as is‘ means, as it relates to a purchase of this nature. If the vehicle is preowned, they are either elite, certified or ‘as is’. As is purchases are at the bottom of the list for a very good reason. Agreeing to a purchase of this nature is essentially giving a license to the dealership or the seller to sell them any vehicle that they want, even if it will barely end up making it off the lot. Avoid these trucks at all costs.

2. Has The Vehicle Been Seriously Damaged Before?

If a car has been in a serious wreck before, finance companies and insurers are not going to want to provide any assistance. That’s why the buyer needs to be asking the right questions. Ask for a copy of the necessary paperwork, so that a clear picture is being painted. The last thing anyone wants is to take home a vehicle that they will be unable to drive because it is not insurable.

3. Has a Trained Mechanic Taken a Look Yet?

Don’t make the mistake of simply taking someone’s word for it or assuming that they have taken the time to hire a trained mechanic. Has the truck passed through a reputable shop in the area? If the answer is yes, can the seller prove that this has taken place? These are questions that absolutely have to be answered before a purchase can even be considered.

4. Is There Any Warranty To Speak Of?

Does the price of the truck in question include a warranty? Some trucks may come with a warranty of 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. Others may still have the remnants of their original factory warranty. It is also important for a buyer to ask specific questions about the warranty. Assuming that the warranty is all-encompassing is a major mistake that smart shoppers avoid.

5. What About a Test Drive?

For some, a quick ten-minute test drive is not going to provide them with the information that they need. Any seller who is looking to pressure their buyers into a speedier test drive than they would like is not trustworthy. An extended test drive is the best bet for any motorist who is looking to learn everything that they need to know about the vehicle before coming to a final decision.

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