Types of Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Automobile accidents often involve two or more vehicles. Road accidents can lead to minor or severe injuries for both a vehicle’s driver and passengers. Accidents can occur to anyone at any moment.

Learning about the different injuries a person can receive from car accidents can help drivers become more careful. Aside from that, it will be easier for you to assess the situation after a car accident.

First, we will give you some tips showing you what to do after car accidents. Later on, we will discuss typical car accident injuries.

Things to Do After a Car Accident

If you are an avid driver of vehicles, you already might have your share of minor or traumatizing accidents. Surviving a car accident is not a small feat. Collisions involving vehicles can cause various injuries to motorists and their passengers.

After a car accident, we advise checking yourself for injuries. If you have severe injuries, you should stay put and not perform elaborate movements. For instance, if you did not sustain any injuries, it’s best to check the status of your passengers and even the well-being of another driver.

Your best course of action is to evacuate to a safe distance from the accident area immediately. You can then call the police or any emergency services operating in the area. It will be helpful to keep the entire scene visible by deploying road flares so other motorists can avoid it.

After the police and other responders arrive on the scene, you have to snap photos of the accident when the area is safe. You also have to collect the statements of witnesses and emergency personnel. Later on, you should discuss the situation with the other driver and exchange contact and insurance information.

Because of the structure of vehicles, many car manufacturers today add features for passenger survival. After surviving a car accident and seeking medical attention, you can call a Fort Wayne IN Injury Lawyer to begin filing an insurance claim. Getting a professional lawyer increases your chances of receiving compensation and battling the legal team of car insurance companies.

Typical Car Accident Injuries

Human beings might be durable but can still receive severe physical damage from accidents. If you survive a car accident, consider yourself lucky or blessed. Let us now share typical car injuries that can result from car accidents.


Our bodies have soft tissues, tendons, and ligaments. A car accident forces our body to move in various directions suddenly. The trauma can strain your tissues, muscles, and tendons, causing minor damage to their structures.

Head Injuries

When occupying any vehicle, we constantly expose our heads to its windows for better visibility. It is also the case for drivers who are operating the controls. Car collisions and crashes can cause heads to collide with an immediate object. It can lead to severe brain trauma resulting in long-term health problems.

Broken Bones

Our skeleton is the framework of the body. The calcium-based structures that make up most of our skeletal system support balance and various movements. During a car accident, sudden movements and impacts on solid objects can lead to fractures or broken bones.

Scrapes and Cuts

Scrapes and cuts can happen to anyone during a car accident. Whether you bump into another vehicle or violently collide with an object, you can sustain bruises and cuts. Aside from that, collisions involving two cars can cause flying debris to scatter around. Sharp projectiles occurring from the impact can scratch or cut your skin.

Internal Bleeding

Our bodies represent a complete system that relies on the collaboration of our internal organs. During a car accident, flying debris, hazards, and even the impact can cause internal damage such as wounds and bruises. It can lead to the internal bleeding of our organs.


Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. By remembering some tips or performing some actions, any motorist can prevent the onset of a car accident. It will also be helpful to learn about the different types of car accident injuries. Motorists and drivers might know what to do after experiencing or surviving a car accident.