Types of Sports Betting

Online sports betting is gaining more and more followers around the world. With the advent of the internet, non GamStop betting sites are constantly emerging on Justuk Club. They offer Internet users specialized platforms for freely betting on the various sports games. One of the types of bets most adopted by amateurs is the single bet on the winner. However, there are other very interesting types of bets which also allow you to make good winnings. Discover in this article the different sports bets to add more variety to your bet slip. Also, these IPL betting tips will surely provide you with higher chances of winning bigger prizes.


The moneyline is a single bet on the winner is the first type of bet that exists. It is also the most popular in the world of non GamStop sports betting. As its name suggests, bettors here predict to choose one player or team to win. When the prediction turns out to be correct, the bettor will win his bet and can cash out his winnings.

During a match between two teams (football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, etc.) for example, you can place your money on the victory of one of the two teams. Here you have simple bets that only incorporate one element with two outcomes. Also check out Best betting apps at Kamkru as well.

Accumulator Bet

This bet presents much more risk than the simple moneyline bet. However, the higher the risk, the higher the potential profits. The principle here is to select several bets and then combine them to form a single ticket. For the combination to win, each of the bets must absolutely win. If only one bet fails, then all the rest will be void.

You have the option of making several bets separately and adding up the winnings to avoid the risk of loss, but it will not be worth a combination. In fact, the combined bet allows you to multiply the odds of each bet involved, which boasts your winning odds.

System Bet

Here, the principle is similar to that of the combined bet, with the difference that all the selected bets must not be fair before winning. The bettor is not obliged to validate the entire combined bet to win. If you bet on a combination bet of 3 selections, you can win if only 2 turn out to be correct. Of course, only the odds of winning bets are taken into account. The system bet is presented as a combined bet with less risk. Depending on the number of selections, the system bet may vary.

Advanced Bets

These bets can include single bets and combined bets. There are different systems, including Goliath, Trixie, Heinz, Yankee, etc. Each of them has specific characteristics. Trixie is composed of 3 double bets and 1 treble in 3 different matches.  These bets are very hard to predict, thus, they aren’t very popular, even among professional punters. However, their odds are mouth-watering.

Double Chance Bet

The double chance is the most flexible type of sports bet. On this bet, the punter sacrifices the odds in exchange for an increased chance of winning. In other words, a double chance bet allows you to combine two results in a single bet. You win when any of the two outcomes happen at the end of a sporting event. During a match between PSG and Celtic for example, you have the possibility of betting on the victory of one of the two teams or the draw. If your team wins or draws, you win your bet. Of course, the game score isn’t influential on this bet.

The Goalscorer Bet

The goalscorer bet is a type of simple bet that allows you to bet on a player who will score at least one goal during the match.

To win at this bet, you must take into account different elements such as the performance of the chosen player, his mental and physical shape, the quality of the opposing defense, etc.

Handicap Betting

The handicap bet is, as its name suggests, a type of bet that allows you to bet on the victory of a team while giving it a handicap to overcome. For a match between Juventus and PSG for example, you can bet on Juventus by applying a handicap of more than 2 goals. This means that Juventus will have to win the match with a score difference of 2 or more goals against PSG for the bet to be won.

The Exact Score Bet

The exact score bet, also known as correct score, is a wager that is placed on the final result of a sporting event. The possible scores are pre-established by the betting site and offered to bettors. Each score has its own odds which can vary according to the settled odds.

The half-time bet

Half time or final result betting involves predicting the correct outcome of the first half or second half. The odds of winning such a bet are higher, but less attractive.


Rather than settling on one type of bet, you can bet on the winner in the first half, the team that takes more corners, the number of goals. There are many types of bets available in all non GamStop bookmakers.