Uber Accident Lawyer: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Hire One

With the invention of the rideshare app for Uber and other companies in the market, traveling has never been easy as it is now. You don’t need to travel from your house to the nearby bus stage to be picked by a passenger bus. Besides, you can request a ride right from your home and be picked there by an Uber driver. However, like any other vehicle, Uber cars can get involved in accidents.

Uber ride is operational in major states such as Florida. When you get involved in an accident with Uber, you may not know where to start to get your compensation. That’s where an experienced Miami Uber accident lawyer comes into the picture.

However, once you get in touch with an attorney, you ought to be aware of what to ask them. This article gives you five questions you can ask before hiring them:

1. How Much Is Your Fee?

In most cases, getting the services of a personal injury lawyer comes with low costs, unlike other legal processes. You may even get a free consultation from your lawyer so they can understand the merits of your case. Once your Uber accident lawyer is satisfied with the grounds of your case, you end up paying them a contingency fee. A contingency fee is a certain percentage that’s deducted from the total compensation of your insurance claim.

Uber cars are usually insured to cater for accident claims that may injure the driver, a passenger, or a third party. However, ask whether there are other out-of-the-pocket expenses you’re supposed to cater for such as the fee for filing your case at the court of law.

2. Will My Case Go To Trial?

Many accident victims think that all cases must go through the trial process of court proceedings. However, some can be solved out of the court, which saves you money and time. Your lawyer may approach the Uber company to see if they can compensate you for the injury and damage caused without having to file a case.

What will be needed is you and the Uber company meeting together under the supervision of a negotiator like a lawyer to discuss a way forward. By the end of the day, you should reach an agreed decision, which includes the amount you should be paid.

3. How Long Will The Case Take To Be Resolved?

Minsk, Belarus - Nov 2019. Damaged car of Uber taxi service at the parked zone after car accident on the road. Wrecked taxi car after a head-on collision in a parking lot

To be mentally prepared concerning the compensation journey, you may ask your Uber accident lawyer how long your case may take to be resolved. However, the time varies from one case to another. If the case isn’t too complex, it may take a few weeks or months, especially if it’s handled out of the court.

However, some exceptions require a long time for negotiations, which may take 6-9 months. In case your case goes to court, it may take 1-2 years.

4. Have You Handled Similar Cases?

Avoid any assumption that every personal injury lawyer has dealt with a case similar to yours. Very few lawyers have handled a case involving Uber accidents. Don’t be quick to settle for a lawyer who’s never handled an Uber lawsuit when you have an opportunity for one. An attorney with relevant expertise may guarantee you results in your court case.

However, in cases where it’s almost impossible to get a lawyer with similar experience, don’t shy away from getting another personal injury attorney. But with this, go for a highly reputable lawyer with a proven track record of winning personal injury cases.

5. What Is The Worth Of My Case?

If your Uber accident lawyer has dealt with similar cases before, they should have a rough idea of what your compensation might be. An experienced lawyer should be able to furnish you with information on how things like liability, preexisting medical issues, and discovery might influence the verdict and amount of compensation.

Even after receiving the estimates from your lawyer, go ahead and do personal research to evaluate the authenticity of the claims by the lawyer. Some attorneys may make claims that are off the normal curve.

Wrapping Up

Personal injury accidents are on the rise, and Uber cabs are a significant contributor to the statistics you see in daily reports. Getting compensation once you’ve been involved in an accident might be a nightmare because you may not know where to start the process. Besides, you might be hard-pressed by medical bills, which might be taking a toll on your finances. Thus, getting compensation might be a big relief to your financial burden.

But remember, when you’re looking for a lawyer, an Uber accident lawyer would be the most suitable for your case. Engage them with the questions outlined in this article to have the most competent one.