Ultimate Glossary of Terms about mattress sizes in Semi-trucks


A semi-truck (also known as a semi-trailer) is different from other regular trucks. These towing trailers are useful with using features. It includes sturdy seats, strong and fine sleeping berths. After long distances, peaceful sleep is a blessing. Semi-truck mattresses make this sleep more peaceful. These sleeper amenities save time as well as money.

Different mattress sizes are available in the market. Each of them has its own requirements. Here the question arises of which mattress is useful for your semi-truck. Usually, mattress sizes in semi-trucks are around 80 inches in length and 40 inches in width. But the question depends upon the model and sleeper size of the required semi-truck.

Sleeper Cab in semi-trucks

A sleeper cab is a small area in semi-trucks .this resting compartment is behind the driver’s seat.

How to find the exact Semi truck mattress?

Take proper measurement of the mattress including width and length of sleeper berth. Purchasing outlets make it easy to overlook the required specifications for a semi-truck. The length and width of the mattress are more important than its thickness. Yet, there are many matrasses designed especially for semi-trucks. The list is here.

6 Best Semi Truck brands

Here is a list of 6 best-known semi-truck brands elaborated with different size ranges.


A terrific option due to its spectacular best known for the Cascadia sleeper truck. Also featured with 122SD truck along with a sleeper cab option. Most used Freightliner mattress sizes are:

42*80 38*80

39*80 34*80


This renowned brand offers three different semi-trucks with sleeper cabs. The lone star, LT series, RH series, and the ProStar. It has the following mattress sizes.42*80 36*79


Worldwide-recognized due to appealing accommodations such as fuel economy, necessity, and durability. This truck brand offers the same facilities as Freightliner. Kenwoth is a globally recognized brand. These models offer cabs such as W990, T680, and W900. Its most popular truck cab mattress sizes are:

42*78 38*80



Its manufacturing items are competitive with fuel and make sleeper cab cool. These sleeper models also named Peterbilt 579 and Peter’s birth 389. It offers three common semi-truck mattress sizes:

42*78 35.5*78



Mack facilitates two sleeper models Anthem and Pinnacle. These are heavy trucks used for heavy-duty versatility. The mattress sizes are:

36*75 38*80


Volvo is one of the strong American manufacturing models. The Volvo series collaborates 4 sleeping cabs along with the same cabs. Besides it, Volvo provides features such as the best driver range and luxurious cab space.

Various common Bed sizes in Semi-Trucks

Bed sizes vary in semi-truck but the most common sizes are:

42 inches wide by 80 inches long

38 inches wide by 80 inches long

35 inches wide by 79 inches long

36 inches wide by 76 inches long

32 inches wide by 79 inches long

Bottom Line

Last but not least, as good mattress is like a sound investment whether you own the truck or not because the sleep is an invaluable commodity which is actually priceless. So A fine matress size in semi-truckwith exact measurement and good quality will ease your sleep.

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