Uproad app effortlessly handles toll road payments


Download the tolling app for free from Google Play or App Store and forget about transponder or bills in your mail.

This mobile app started in California and has already expanded to Texas, Virginia, and Illinois. It will soon become available in every state, covering all 5,000 miles of toll roads in the US. With hundreds of tolling agencies operating in different states, Uproad is a convenient one-stop solution to make your tolling experience quicker and oftentimes, more cost-efficient.

The app recognizes when your drive on a toll road and sends you a notification.

Simultaneously, Uproad connects with tolling authorities, sending them your license plate number. The toll authority confirms the necessary toll amount for your car, and that amount is paid from your account balance.

When your balance gets low, the app automatically tops it up using one of the payment options that you link to it: Venmo, PayPal, Debit or Credit card. Alternatively, you can go with manual balance replenishments.

After the app is installed on your smartphone, you can add your vehicle and be on the road and paying tolls the next morning. Depending on where you drive, Uproad can also handle toll payments for the roads that you took a couple of days ago — if you have not met the toll agency payment deadline yet.

The Uproad app will help you save not only time and effort but sometimes also money through their lower, negotiated toll rates. Toll payments are delivered to the toll agency on time, helping you to avoid their high fines.

If needed, the app lets you can manage your business and private expenses separately and keep track of your toll expenses over time. With the help of the in-built calculator, you can see estimated toll costs before you hit the road. Plus, Uproad app allows you to plan your trip so that you can avoid tolls and take a free route.

The app allows you to link up to ten vehicles to your account. For each toll payment processed, it will require you to pay a small fee. If you are a frequent driver, you might consider getting a $19.99 yearly Premium membership which might greatly lower the fee.

If you have questions, you can contact Uproad customer service using the in-app chat and if you receive a toll agency bill, the team can help you troubleshoot that as well.

Uproad makes road trips more enjoyable and cost-efficient and all it takes is a quick download to access its multiple benefits!

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