What are Floppy Hats?


Floppy hats are hats that have wide circular brims. The crown is usually unformed. The brims often measure between 4 and 6 inches. However, there are floppy hats that come with wider brims, sometimes as big as 10 inches. The more full brims floppy hats are becoming a darling to a lot of people due to their sophistication. 

The evolution of floppy hats

Floppy hats fate back to the 14th century. In the ancient world, floppy hats were associated with farmers. They were popular with Irish farmers. They were purely made of straw. Their purpose was to protect the farmers from the sun while they were working on their fields. The floppy hats became a popular fashion accessory in the 20th century. It was used to depict elegance and femininity. It came in different colors and materials. Since then, their versatility keeps multiplying. It was initially for protection to farmers, to now a high-end statement maker accessory.

Where are floppy hats used popularly?

They are popular for protecting our skin from the fierce sun rays. There are perfect protection accessories for the beach and summer walks. The wide brims ensure that your head is entirely protected. Regular baseball hats will not protect your ears and temples from the scorching sun. In most cases, floppy hats ensure your entire head, and sometimes the shoulders are fully protected. 

Celebrities use them to protect their identity from paparazzi. They would often pair them with a set of dark sunglasses to avoid interviews and confrontations. Their vast brims will make you go unnoticed. You can pull out this look if you want to visit a place and go unnoticed. 

Floppy hats are chic. Anyone who loves to keep up with fashion trends should appreciate how a floppy hat makes regular outfits look like a trendsetter. If paired well with casual outfits, you are sure to have heads turning. The sophistication of floppy hats is multiplied when dark sunglasses complement it. 

Floppy hats are not all about protection and style. They are also exemplary when it comes to hiding messy hair. The crown and the wide brim can help you look chic on your bad-hair days. Tuck your hair underneath your floppy hat and take up your regular tasks usually. 

What are floppy hats made of?

They are mostly made of straw or wool. They may be made of paper-braid or tweed material. The material used to create floppy hats needs to be strong enough to support the wide brim. The wide brim is massive and needs some support so that it can stay in shape. You don’t want it falling straight down your face. The material may be protective of UV LIGHT. Initially, floppy hats were made for protection purposes before they obtained their status in the fashion world. 

Styling floppy hats

The versatility that comes with floppy hats is just on a whole new level. You can pull together a bohemian-inspired outfit with a floppy hat. You can choose to draw attention or maintain a low profile while rocking your floppy hat. It all depends on the mood and personality you want to portray. If you pair it up with expertise, they guarantee you a fashionable look that everyone would admire.

Add color to a monochrome outfit

Colorful floppy hats are an excellent way to add life to a monochrome outfit. We all love monochrome outfits, for they make us look amazingly expensive and sophisticated. However, monochrome can be a little Boring. Add pop to the gear using a floral or colorful floppy hat. 

Complement your summer outfit

 Floppy hats are fashionable during the summer. You can wear them with basically any of your summer outfit. They look great on bikinis. Be sure to throw them on while on the beach. They look great on little sundresses, summer shorts, summer caftans, and maxi dresses. Get several pieces of floppy hats for the summer, because clearly, you can pair them with anything during the hot weather. 

Floppy hat for men

 A lot of male floppy hats have a lace that allows you to fasten it around your chin. These laces are popular because the capes are often designed for extreme activities. They are famous for outdoor adventures such as hunting, fishing, and hiking. Men can also wear them on those sunny days. Some designs can also be worn to bring out a cowboy look. 


 If you are looking to boost a basic outfit, you will never go wrong with settling for a floppy hat. The versatility of these hats is just incredible. You can style one hat with many different outfits and for many occasions. They can be used for concealing identity, protection from sunlight, covering messy hair, and of course, pulling together an elegant outfit. They are stylish and are here to stay. 

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