What Are the Best Car Mods to Add Value to Your Vehicle?


The global car-sharing market is expected to reach $21 billion by the end of 2025. More and more car owners are looking for more ways to increase their resell value.

One way to boost the resale value of your vehicle is through car modifications. This guide will give you the ins and outs of the best car mods available and how they will increase the value of your car.

Upgrade Your Tires

Let’s start from the bottom. The type of tire you have on your vehicle will determine how you trek across all types of terrain. Every car owner should possess the kind of high-performance car mods tire that can withstand the highs and lows.

Upgradeable tires can help protect against the elements and allow you to power steer through tougher environments. Tougher tires can increase traction while maintaining maneuverability.

It can allow your car mod to increase its speed and acceleration without traction issues. It’s an immediate investment that can make your car look stylish and add to its dexterity.

Changing the Rims

Along with the tire change, a new set of rims will not only add a sleek look but add a great increase to the value of your car. A lot of rims can be heavier than normal, adding unnecessary weight to the car.

But, the addition of alloy rims can reduce the weight from the heavier metal rims. They can also reduce the amount of heat applied to your brakes. This can prevent the degeneration period of your brake pads, making them last longer.

The rim protection strips also prevent chips and other types of damage to the rims. You can customize the color and finish of these strips to add style to the protection of your rims. A color set matching the color of the car is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and increases car resale value.

Parking Sensors & Rear-View Cams

Parking rear-view cameras and sensors can help maneuver around the city, especially in crowded and chaotic urban environments. Many individuals will appreciate the safety features if they struggle with navigation.

The security of using both the mirrors and the video feed can help difficult parking situations without having to leave the vehicle. There are also new features that alert the driver when they begin drifting out of their lane. Individuals, especially ones with higher insurance premiums, will enjoy these safety features.  You can also check out the benefits of having the latest MediaNav software in your car here.

Exterior Detailing

Many cars can benefit from a different paint job. If there are minor scratches or marks on the vehicle, you can remove them by hiring a detailing professional. They can buffer and remove the scratches, giving it a nice polish.

A cheaper, more worn vehicle can look brand new from a simple polish. You can protect your vehicle from corrosion and water damage as well by adding a hydrophobic coating.

An expert in automotive detailing can also add window film or tint to add a sense of privacy. It can also shade valuables or anything of importance left in the vehicle.

Upgrading Your Brakes

Another important safety feature of your car is the braking system. It’s an advantageous investment, whether it’s a simple replacement of the brake pads or an entire overhaul of the braking system.

Ceramic brake pads can battle the high temperatures emitting from the braking system. They can also reduce the harsher sounds of braking, which can occur over time.

Once the brake pads deplete, it can cause damage to the rotors, which can emit a mechanical noise. The better the brake pads, the more protection for your rotors.

Raising the Suspension

Raising the suspension of a vehicle is appealing to many future car owners. This is a staple for those with pick-up trucks; this feature is becoming more and more popular. The raised suspension will provide an improvement to off-road performance.

But, it’s important to note that raising the suspension can make it vulnerable to tipping. The higher the cabin, the more prone the vehicle is to tipping over, causing great damage.

With that said, the higher suspension can allow it to embark on new terrain without damaging the underbelly of the vehicle. You can read more about car customizations at Savini Wheels.

Idle Air Valve & Cold Air Intake

Engine Modifications and replacements can give years to a car and upkeep its health. Many cars, after many years, succumb to idling that can shut off the vehicle.

The idle air control valve is responsible for many of these random vehicle shutdowns. A replacement can allow a vehicle to endure the long stretches of driving without a vehicle shutdown and required maintenance.

An air-intake system can also alter the acceleration of the vehicle as well. Modifications to the air-intake system can increase the horsepower and torque of the vehicle.

The engine will use less fuel to power the vehicle as more air remains present in the combustion system. Thus, the air intake can alter the performance of the vehicle, causing less sputtering and more power.

Bluetooth Technology & Carplay

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your car is the receiver and entertainment system. The influx of Bluetooth technology is kicking out the traditional ways of the aux cable and older radio systems.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto allow connection to applications like Spotify & Waze that project onto the screen. This can help navigation and provide a sleek look.

Car manufacturers are implementing these infotainment systems into their newer models. All cars should now implement both WiFi and Bluetooth technology into these systems.

Best Car Mods

There are a variety of vehicle modifications available on the market today. These include both exterior and interior customizations that can help increase the value of your vehicle.

The best car mods can help resale value without needing a full and expensive overhaul. Simple but valuable customizations will add both great safety features and nice aesthetics for future car owners.

Follow our blog for more information on car modifications and how you can build the value of your vehicle!


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