What Are The Causes Of A Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are inevitable on highways. They cause severe injuries because they weigh more than thirty thousand pounds compared to an average passenger car. It is almost impossible not to feel the impact of a truck on the road due to the size, weight, and amount of the exhaust.

Truck accidents are often caused either by the truck driver or other drivers on the road, which may result in fatal damage and sometimes loss of lives and properties.

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Poor mechanical maintenance of trucks

A trucking company may overlook regular inspection of trucks before they get on the road for deliveries considering the cost of maintenance and the time-consuming routine. A truck that is not maintained regularly may have acceleration problems, threadbare tires, noisy engine, or defective wheel bearings.

However, an untrained or poorly trained truck driver may also not be able to efficiently manage such a bigger vehicle on highways, which makes them a high risk to other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

Driver’s tiredness

Generally, driving a truck demands advanced skills and more pressure. This is because truck drivers are obliged to drive long distances in a short period to get goods delivered and they barely get sufficient time to rest or sleep. Drivers can either lose focus and get into the wrong lane or be unable to manage any situation on the road tactically to avoid crashes.

Even though, there are certain rules to guide the operation of trucks and how drivers should be treated. Most trucking companies do not adhere to these regulations making it difficult for drivers to cope with road conditions or truck malfunction.

Inattentive driving

Driving for an extended period may make any truck driver engage in other activities to ease boredom behind the wheel such as looking into their phones to text or make a call causing distraction. This may also be getting drunk or compromising their ability by using specific drugs to overcome pressure.

If a driver takes their eyes from the road even for a second, there is a high chance of an accident. Such habits can make them drive too fast or ignore road signs and traffic signals while creating the likelihood of an accident.


When using the road or highway as a truck driver, it is important to be watchful and vigilant of both the state of the road and the truck. Truck drivers should keep a safe stopping distance while driving within the speed limits.

However, if you are involved in a truck accident, you should gather all evidence as pictures, contact details of the truck driver, and police report to support your insurance claim. Hiring a professional accident lawyer to handle the truck accident investigation and legal procedures will ensure you get better representation so that you can focus on receiving medical assistance without bothering about other issues regarding your insurance claims.