What Are the Different Types of PPF?


Paint protection film is a clear, durable film that goes on top of your car’s paint job to protect it from minor nicks and scratches. It’s like putting a scuff-resistant finish on your car to keep the paint looking new. The film is invisible, but it protects the original paint from minor scratches that can occur from everyday driving. The film can last for years as long as you clean the area beneath the film. There are a few different types of PPF available for your car, depending on what you want to protect. The most common types in today’s market are:

1. Clear Bra PPF

Clear PPF is exactly what it sounds like: a clear piece of plastic film that goes over a part of your car to protect it. A clear bra is applied directly onto the original factory paint and will keep it lasting longer than normal while preventing normal wear and tear from occurring in daily driving situations.

2. Half and Half PPF

If you are looking for added protection and are willing to pay a premium price, then you might want to consider a half-and-half film. A half-and-half film protects significant areas of the car (front bumper and hood) while leaving the rest of it exposed. It is applied over the entire vehicle, but only between the customer’s choice of colour. This type of film is much more expensive than a clear bra, but it does give you some added protection in certain situations (such as when you are backing up).

3. Full Body Paint Protection Film

A full-body PPF will cover your entire vehicle from front to back, including the roof. For most luxury cars and sports cars, this type of protection is recommended by car designers and dealerships. The film can be clear or have a yellow-orange tint to help protect against damage from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This type of paint protection film uses the same material as that used on the International Space Station. It can also use a material that is reflective and helps reduce infrared radiation. This reflective film is often referred to as Smart Film because it helps reduce heat build-up behind the film, which reduces how hot your car gets in the summer and how cool it gets in the winter. This full-body film is usually warranted for three to five years, depending on the brand and your location.

4. Full Body Paint Protection Film, Clear and Yellow

Similar to a full-body PPF, this type of film offers the same benefits as the above paint protection film but at an even higher level of quality. When your vehicle is reviewed by a professional detailer or a dealership technician, they will recommend this type of PPF over others if you want the best protection possible for the money. It offers superior heat reduction and superior UV reduction compared to other types of clear bra films. However, it is also more costly than other types of clear bra films due to its superior quality materials used in manufacturing.

5. Clear Bra with Colour-Matched Film

Although this type of film is not quite as widely used and advertised as the other types on the market, it is definitely a viable and beneficial option. This type of PPF is also clear, but it will have a slight tint of your vehicle’s colour applied over the entire car. The tint in the film makes it look like a soft gradient paint job for your vehicle, which doesn’t look bad at all and does protect your car from minor damage in daily driving situations. There are many options available for this type of paint protection film, including reflective tints that reduce infrared radiation and hot spots behind the film.

In conclusion, it is best to speak to your local car dealership or an auto detailer before committing to anything. A PPF is a great investment for your vehicle but requires proper care and maintenance if you want it to last as long as possible. Only apply the film once you have been given an authorization letter and paid the extra fee for it, as older PPFs may no longer be usable by many vehicles today. Older cars were not made with PPF in mind, which is why they don’t last very long compared to newer cars that are manufactured with PPFs in mind.


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