What are the main features of a self-storage facility to consider?


Almost all our daily needs would be a kind of property in the end. So, the number of properties in our home would always grow. Likewise, a business will always deal with a lot of stocks and equipment. Hence, storage and space have become vital factors to keep in mind for both individuals and businesses. It is where the Toowoomba self storage companies come into play helping us to store properties at times.

Features to check in a self storage company

Although all the storage companies like Guardian self storage offer similar kinds of storage services, there would be some differences in the features offered by them. Some vital factors to consider while choosing a self storage company are as follows,

Working hours extension

The primary thing to consider while choosing a self storage company is the working hours of the facility. Although these companies are helping you to store and take your properties whenever you want, most of them would have certain working or open hours. You cannot get access to your properties when they are closed. However, some companies would offer you extended working hours. You can choose the company offering long access hours.

24X7 access

At times, you may not be satisfied with the elongated working hours of the storage company. You might have to access your properties during nighttime. In such cases, you should look for a special feature of 24X7 access to the properties that would let you take your properties even when the office is closed.

Temperature control

Some of the products you choose to store in a storage unit could be vulnerable to changes in temperature and you may want them to be stored at a particular climatic condition. In such cases, you should look for a self storage unit that comes with a temperature control system. Here, you can store the properties at a specific temperature unaltered by the outside climate. You should ensure this facility for all vulnerable products.

Vehicle storage

Your vehicles could not be stored in a similar way to other properties due to the size and other factors. Hence, you should ensure whether the storage service company offers facilities to store your vehicles in good condition.

Locker units

If the thing you need to store is too small but valuable, you should keep them in a storage locker with extra protection than ordinary storage units st george. So, you should check whether the storage company offers locker units of desired sizes. Also, you should inquire about the level of safety for these lockers.


You are storing your products and properties in a third-party space and you can’t leave them without a proper insurance plan. There are several threats to the protection of the stored items and these insurances will only help you in such cases. So, you should ensure that the company has the necessary insurance plans from both ends. It is better to check it yourself.

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