What Are the Most Common Car Accident Repairs?


6 million. That’s the average number of auto accidents that occur every year in the United States! Crazy, right?

It just goes to show how careful you have to be on the roads nowadays. After all, it isn’t just your personal safety that’s on the line.

The condition of your car’s at risk as well! However, not all incidents are made equal when it comes to sustaining automobile damage. Some simply chip the paintwork while others total the vehicle.

Want to find out about the most common car accident repairs drivers encounter? Keep reading.

Broken Bumpers

Bumpers are purpose-built to a) prevent serious damage from occurring in minor collisions and b) protect important parts of the car, such as the hood and cooling system. As you can imagine, then, bumped, dented, and scratched bumpers are ubiquitous across the country!

The good news is that modern sensors make bumping your bumper much less likely. However, replacing a damaged bumper isn’t cheap and can cost thousands of dollars for higher-quality vehicles. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to find a car collision attorney for help taking the case to court.

Scratched Paintwork

Whether you’re driving down narrow roads or someone uses a key to vent their frustration on your vehicle, paint scratches are another pervasive example of car accident damage that technicians have to handle.

As always, the cost of remedying such damage depends on the extent of the issue. For minor scratches, you may decide to save the expense and forgo the repairs altogether! For more significant cases, though, where rust could form or the car’s aesthetics have been compromised, you could pay between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars for a new paint job.

Chipped or Cracked Windshield

You’re driving down the highway when a truck speeds past, flicking a wretched rock up at your windshield. To your shock and horror, it leaves a nasty chip in the glass!

Know the struggle? Well, you’re not alone.

Windshield repairs and replacements are arguably the most common car repairs you’ll encounter. Whenever you’re unlucky enough to get one, it’s imperative that you seek professional support ASAP to fix the problem and stop the chip from turning into a complete crack (or even shattering the entire windshield down the line).

Now You Know the Most Common Car Accident Repairs

Road accidents are all too common in American nowadays. And they’re never fun to go through! Not only is there a significant risk of suffering a personal injury and mental distress, but you also have to deal with (not to mention pay for) whatever car accident repairs occur from the event.

Have you been wondering about the most commonplace problems that drivers have to handle after a car accident? Well, we hope the insights on car accident damage in this post have satisfied your curiosity! If you’d like to read more on this particular topic, search “accidents” on the website now.

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