What Are the Underlying Causes of Most Auto Accidents?

There are no plans when auto accidents happen. They come out of nowhere and can throw a person’s life and plans for a loop. Several things can cause an accident, but we will look at the top five reasons accidents happen across the nation. Anyone involved in an auto accident can contact Yakima car accident lawyer. Car accident lawyers carry their investigations and gather information from the scene. Most of the scenes have one or more of these top five reasons that caused the accident.

  • Distracted driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Drunk driving;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Weather.

Distracted Driving

We live in a world where everyone is attached to their phones and try to multitask everything. People are not robots, and though we try to do more with our time, driving should be the only focus while on the road. Texting, phone calls, reading, playing with the radio, eating and drinking are all distractions that can lead to fatalities. Getting in a wreck is one thing; killing someone in that same wreck is devastating because it is a mistake no one can take back. The outcomes of punishment are inevitable.

Everyone is guilty at some point in life, but it is critical to remember that it takes one time to mess up. The truth is, if you are not thinking about driving, you are already distracted. It only takes a second that a person is not paying attention to cause a massive collision. This is why distracted driving is the number one and tops the list for accidents across the nation today.


Along with distractions, people are always in a hurry. It is tough to keep up with our fast-paced lives, and when we get behind the wheel, we are still in a fast-paced mode. Speed limits are posted on the road for every driver’s safety. It means that it is as fast as you can go before taking the risk of losing control of your vehicle. Low and behold, it is the second on the list of top causes for accidents. The faster a person drives, the higher the risk of taking a life or taking their own life.

Drinking and Driving Drunk

DUIs and DWIs are more common than ever and number three on the list of causes for car accidents. Impaired driving is no different from distracted driving. The results are the same. Reaction times are lessened, and you are not paying attention to the road when under the influence. Many innocent people have been killed on the roads due to drunk driving. The problem is that most of these people never learn. For some, it is their third and fourth offense. A good car accident lawyer will go for justice for those injured or families left behind when it comes to drunk driving. It is a shame; this one could always be avoided by getting a designated driver.

Reckless Driving

Many reasons would fall under reckless driving. Perhaps the biggest downfall is road rage. When emotions run high, people become reckless. It is another form of distracted driving. The best way to overcome road rage is to pull off the road entirely, take a couple of deep breaths, and get your head back in the game. It happens to everyone that someone will cut you off or slow you down while driving.

We have all heard the saying, “Watch out for the other driver.” This tops reckless driving at number four on the list. If you are driving recklessly, then people will need to watch out for you, but the question is, how long before it takes you to be in the accident? Drag racing, hurrying to get home or work, running late, road rage, and not taking driving seriously are all causes for reckless driving.

The Weather

When it rains, two things happen. The first thing is that the roads become slick, and the vehicles hydroplane at 35mph. Perhaps, this could go under speeding because some people are not aware of how to drive in certain weather conditions. The second thing is that the vision is impaired, and you will not see as far as it is raining. When the weather is bad and people do not slow down, they cause accidents.

Another issue many people find in inclement weather is people driving around with no headlights. This makes it almost impossible to see the other drivers on the road. When they see them, it is usually too late.