What Are Your Legal Rights as a Road Accident Victim?

Life is a series of unexpected events. No matter how immaculate we try to plan and predict things using technology or our gut feelings, it has a way of throwing things unexpectedly. Road accidents are an unfortunate reality, and despite countries implementing a set of traffic rules, they continue to happen. Still, when people step out for their tasks, they hardly consider the possibility of becoming a victim of a road accident. Most people assume that they abide by the regulations and are conscious of traffic regulations. However, some people are ignorant and do not know traffic rules, while others choose not to follow them and put theirs and others’ lives at risk.

Road accidents happen often, and many people hope to earn some compensation for their losses. But they do not know the legal process. As a victim of a car crash, many laws favor sufferers and make them eligible for compensation. Accidents not only leave people with physical scars but shake them emotionally, and they often have to suffer financial loss. Knowing their rights as car accident victims helps them get their due and earn compensation.

Below we are giving a comprehensive insight that will make you aware of your legal rights as a road accident victim:

No Need to Provide a Statement

Whether you are filing a case or appearing as a defendant, you must present a statement in most judicial cases. The rules are different for road accident victims, and you are not legally bounded to provide a statement. Supposedly you get injured by a drunk driver; chances are you will get a phone call from the driver’s insurance company to issue a written statement. They might try to put a portion of the blame on you and get a bargain. Therefore, an ideal way is to get a lawyer on board. You can then see how things go and issue a statement later on if the need arises.

Injury Attorney

Sometimes road accidents result in injuries, and that makes you eligible to hire an injury attorney. An injury attorney will consult your physicians and claim your medical expenses and will help you get a fair deal. Several road accident victims pursue cases independently. Since they do not possess much knowledge about legal matters, they end up getting less compensation. An injury attorney often yields a higher settlement value than negotiating with insurance companies and getting a low-value compensation.

Settle Case on Your Terms

When you file a case against someone, you reserve a right to settle the case on your terms at your desired time. The other party may try to convince you to agree to an out-of-court settlement and resolve the matter without involving courts and attorneys. While you have a right to agree with them, you can pursue the case if you feel you can get a better settlement through the court. Due to ignorance, several victims come under pressure and settle on the other party’s terms. You must know that nobody can intimidate you into settling a case opposing your choice. You can exercise your right to pursue the case.

Right to Seek Support

As a victim, you have several rights that you may not know. It is better to seek legal consultation to get an insight into law and order matters. Several state laws protect you emotionally, financially, and physically. Road accidents have long-term effects and can impact your quality of life. While physical scars are visible, the experience can be nerve-racking. Some victims can go into PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). If you have suffered because of a driver’s negligence, you can seek damages for all physical, emotional, and financial losses. The damages are hard to calculate. Hiring an attorney can give you a better insight and help you get a high-value settlement. Moreover, some accidents can lead to future expenses. While you may not have the far-sightedness of calculating the long-term effects of an accident, an attorney will help you in grabbing a reasonable settlement.

Immediate Medical Attention

It is crucial to seek immediate medical help after being involved in a traffic accident. Often, people do not sustain visible injuries, but they may suffer from some internal wounds. Not immediately catering to them may worsen the injury. Several laws do not require victims to bring police or other witnesses to the medical centers. They reserve the right to get medical attention without any delay. A general misconception is that victims can only get medical help after proofing that they suffered due to someone else’s negligence. Instead of seeking medical help, victims may focus on photographing the accident scene, contacting police, or talking to witnesses. Delay can worsen their injuries, so they should seek medical consultancy right away as they have the right to seek immediate medical help.


Traffic accidents are a frequent occurrence, and, in most cases, they happen due to the negligence of one party. Numerous laws protect victims’ rights and make them eligible for compensation. Due to ignorance, people let go of their rightful due and often do not pursue the case. Getting a reputed lawyer on board can help road accident victims earn a better settlement.