What Can You Tell About Your Dating Partner Based on Their Car?


Can you tell anything about someone’s personality based on the car they drive? The answer to that question has got to be affirmative – of course! Statistics reveal there are currently over 36 million car owners in the UK and over 270 million in the USA – indicating that driving, whether for work or leisure, is embedded in modern life. While many people will choose a car according to practical demands – price range, kilometers per gallon, hybrid petrol or diesel – others will be drawn to a particular car by something much more intrinsic. The type of car you choose to drive can reflect your personality. Let’s take this notion a little further and consider how this might impact dating. If you’re actively seeking a new partner, would you prefer someone who drives a classy vintage car or a state-of-the-art hybrid?

How Can a Dating Profile Be Helpful in This Regard?

Assessing someone’s character and suitability for dating is a very visual undertaking, so what better way to illustrate this than referring to digital dating? When you’re on a matching website or app, taking a close look at profile photos can often be the first clue to how serious someone is about their car. While many singles will deliberately avoid posting images where there are background distractions, others might present a snapshot of themselves driving or polishing the bonnet of their beloved car. This can convey so many impressions. It might tell you whether they are loaded (a Rolls, Merc, or Porsche) or scraping by (a dodgy-looking car of indeterminate type, with the bumper hanging by a wire!)

So here’s some crucial information you might glean.

Sports Car

This is a person who most likely loves the adventurous things in life, including driving at speed and taking risks. Someone like this might be more open to experimentation within relationships, too. In terms of virtual dating, they might gravitate to a service where they might contact a couple looking for a woman online to arrange a steamy hookup. These specialized resources offer discreet platforms where you can search for equally adventurous members who might be keen to become the third point of your love triangle! These outlets guarantee privacy, allowing you to develop chemistry at your own pace. As for the models preferred by these risk-takers, they might have a preference for an Alpine A110, with its turbocharged 1.8L engine and 7-speed transmission, or a Toyota GR Supra, with a 2.0 engine and 8-speed transmission capable of achieving a dizzying top speed of 155 miles an hour.

Subcompact Car

Practical. Economical. This guy is the opposite of a risk taker, but this means they are also incredibly trustworthy and loyal. Your dates might not involve white knuckle rides, but you can be guaranteed this person will be selfless and keen to accommodate your wishes. If this is what you expect from your dating partner, then you should pay attention to the owners of these cars who are looking for a woman online. Some of the best examples of these subcompact cars include the Mini Cooper (capable of doing 0-62 mph in six to eight seconds) or the Kia Rio.

Luxury Car

Whether it’s a gleaming Rolls Royce Phantom, a Bentley Mulsanne, or a Lamborghini Aventador, costing more than many people spend on a home, luxury cars can ooze style and class. This also indicates that their owner will be used to splashing the cash. If you’re a younger girl seeking a sugar daddy, anyone driving a flash sports car will probably be able to spoil you with surprise gifts (involving jewelry or 1st-class plane tickets to exotic locations).

Retro Cars

Many car adverts will focus on presenting machines containing the latest state-of-the-art tech. But many more drivers gravitate to the classic cars of yesteryear, eye-catching retro models such as a Porsche 911, BMW Z8, or Mercedes G-Class. They may be thinking of wonderful 1960s designs. Perhaps they’ll be picturing the iconic actor Steve McQueen hurtling along Californian freeways in his racing green-colored 1968 Ford Mustang GT in the hit movie Bullitt. Nostalgia is a strong draw for car enthusiasts, whether they remember the car their parents would drive them around in or they’re a sucker for old movies and cool vintage cars. The person drawn to retro cars is someone who takes life’s pleasures seriously. This is someone for whom dedication and commitment are so much more important than fads.

Cars are so much more than metal objects with wheels that will take you from A to B. They can be a pleasure to drive, with all sorts of handy gadgets to make any journey as streamlined as possible. What’s more, cars almost have personalities of their own. Think of those noisy boy racers zooming along with customized paint jobs and silencers removed. Or sedate vintage cars, their passengers are relaxing in leather upholstery. When it comes to seeking your ideal romantic partner, what sort of car do you hope they’ll rock up in to whisk you off on your first date?

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