What Cars Do Students Choose In 2021?

Moving from a lecture hall to the laboratory, then over to the library, could mean covering a lot of distance daily on campus. Getting a car as a college student would aid your mobility and reduce the level of stress.

However, when undergraduates think about cars, they go over-the-top to imagine exotic and expensive rides. Are you concerned about the prices of cars? Today, we’d list the best affordable, trendy cars young scholars in universities drive.

Ford Ecosport

The Ford Ecosport is a fuel-sipping SUV, which means it helps you manage your gas without increasing your weekly expenses. A typical car-loving university student writes a driver essay paper on this pint-sized Ford because of its four-door configuration that allows access to multiple passengers. This car is one of the perfect examples of class and simplicity. Its powerful engine and aluminum wheels make the Ford Ecosport a considerably fast car for the campus driving limit.

Chevrolet Sonic

The Chevrolet Sonic is one of the most discussed cars among students because of its compact design, comfort, size, and automatic transmissions. This brand of Chevrolet offers undergraduates maximum safety while driving on campus. It’s no surprise the Chevrolet Sonic is on every students’ list of choices because of the rear-view camera and multiple airbags installed. You’d also get value-added features for the low price, including rear parking assistance and late departure warning.

Toyota Yaris

As you’d agree that driving a car that doesn’t attract so much attention is best to focus on your education on campus. The six-speed/automatic transmission Toyota Yaris car comes with an over-the-chart alert system that protects your automobile from theft. A new Toyota Yaris comes with a built-in 32/40 MPG EPA Mileage and a noise-filter hands-free calling system. The car is designed to fit perfectly into the everyday student’s budget.

Honda Fit

Students who are diehard Honda lovers love to research and write on new Honda releases. This fun writing would help to compare the speculations between previous Honda releases and recent ones. The Honda Fit comes with the latest MSRP and safety features that make it difficult to resist.

College undergraduates prefer this automobile to others because of its Ex-L trim feature and built-in navigation. You’d need to be careful with this one because it’s not designed with the best crash-avoidance system out there.


This compact car comes with sedan options and an all-wheel-drive that keeps you allows you to maintain control to the optimal. Mazda3 is known among young scholars in tertiary institutions across the globe for its 40 MPG efficiency rating. This automobile offers you a lot of fancy accessibility features that includes a 7-inch screen display.

Even for a 2004 model car, the Mazda3 still competes with the latest cars with its rear-view camera feature. The built-in ‘MAZDA CONNECT’ system enables you to enjoy entertainment at its fullest while on the wheels.

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is the vehicle meant for classy undergraduates on campus. Of all the cars mentioned on this list, this jeep is the most expensive because of its taste. Made to fit students with larger budgets.

However, Jeep Wrangler’s basic sports package comes with electronic roll mitigation and stability control. The exotic features of this 50 MPG machine include a tailor-made upholstery interior.

Honda CR-V

Don’t lose focus on getting an affordable car yet; the Honda CR-V has always served students a year in and out. This is a compact SUV that comes with an all-wheel drivetrain option that allows your car to navigate through harsh weather.

Because of its space, students on campus pair up to classes in their friend’s Honda CR-V. The safety models for this 30 MPG vehicle are pretty much updated for a vehicle of its price. As one of the strongest cars ever, many old models of Honda CR-V are still found on the highways today.


To study in a tertiary education requires more than having the right mindset for academic success. One would also need to ensure they aren’t weighed down by the strenuous daily activities and routine. This is why having a vehicle as a college student is a plus to the effortless schooling. Here’s a list of affordable and high-quality automobiles to choose from as an undergraduate. Make a selection today!