What Color Tesla Should I Get?


Tesla’s cars have dominated the roads for years now. Although their excellent design and elegance have contributed to this, the different range of colors attracts people’s attention more.

Any prospective Tesla buyer will undoubtedly ask themselves, “What color Tesla should I get?”. Tesla owners are more concerned than normal car owners about the variety of colors.

After all, while spending huge bucks on the Tesla, you might as well get your hands on your favorite color – or, the trending Tesla color. As this article unfolds, you will get to know about the different colors suitable for different Tesla models.

Suitable Color for Tesla Model S

Although it depends on personal choices, level of lighting, or the setting, we have selected the one that most people opted for. The best color for Model S has to go to Obsidian Black Metallic. Check out this site to find out more on this color and other info.

Tesla no longer provides this as a choice, but it is the best model S to date. But, what color should you get in 2022? It will be a toss-up between Red Multi-coat and Pearl White Multi-coat. Sprinkled with metallic tones and layered colors, these are perfectly gorgeous.

The pearl white does a good job of hiding scratches and dirt. Other shades are hard to clean and maintain.

Suitable Color for Tesla Model X

This is a slightly different model. Choosing a color for Tesla Model X is tough, as different situations require different colors. However, some colors look better than the rest.

We would give the best color for Model X to Deep Blue Metallic. Have you seen the sleek look of this Tesla? If you have, you must be in love with it already. Although in darker lights, this color might give off a purple-ish tone, it still remains to be an electric color.

You will get the luxury and elegant feel that you have been wanting to. Just like its flawless performance, the blue hue creates an impression of reliability and calm.

Suitable Color for Tesla Model 3

If you are looking for the best color for Model 3, you are in the right place. Although the truth is that it depends on personal preferences, the most popular color choices for Model 3 show the Silver Metallic on top.

Generally, the light colors are good for hiding any scratch. The silver metallic color is also aesthetically pleasing. As per psychological experts, people going for this color are thought of as insightful and intuitive.

More into dark colors? The solid black color is always up for grabs!

Suitable Color for Tesla Model Y

Here, we have to give the winner position to the Pearl White Multi-coat. The blacked-out wheels and trim, giving it a storm-trooper look, just take it to another level. Combine this with the white color’s ability to conceal marks, and you are good to go.

The white color symbolizes decency and sophistication. It’s usually said that leaders love this color. Another good aspect of the white color is that it can be easily resold – only if the mileage and condition of the car are acceptable.

However, if there were a runner-up position, it would have to go to Red Multi-coat. It adds great depth to the paint.

Suitable Color for Tesla Cybertruck Colors

Unable to hold back your eagerness? All we can do is wait for the Cybertruck’s release. We have seen two exterior colors – stainless steel and matte black stainless steel.

Furthermore, deciphering Elon’s tweets, there might be a matte black option. Let us see what the future holds.

Being unaware of what available colors are there makes it hard to fixate on one color. However, we can only guess that stainless steel will be the easiest to maintain. Stainless steel never fails to grab the winner title after all.

Final Words

Apart from the colors mentioned above, Tesla offers different colors like Brown Metallic, Green Metallic, Pink, and Grey Metallic color. The company is aiming to add a new color named Deep Crimson Red, a red hue blended with some purple undertones.

We hope you got the answer to your question – What color Tesla should I get? All the colors Tesla mentioned here are lively, original, and vivid. Even though Tesla receives criticisms for the limited range of colors, its innovative technologies make up for this.

All the colors are unique and beautiful in their own way. Choose your preferred colors right now!




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