What Happens If You Ignore Your Bad Brakes

Some tend to keep their heads buried in the sand. This philosophy is not good when you own a vehicle. Some people tend to avoid the noises or faults in their cars and get it fixed or replaced when it is broken. In the braking case, you cannot procrastinate to get them fixed. If you experience any kind of fault in your car’s brakes, then you should get it checked at an instance. 

When you are having brake noise or squealing while braking, it means that the brake pads have worn out. If you delay it for days or weeks, you and the people traveling in your car are in danger. Instead, prioritize such problems. 

What Happens If You Ignore Your Brakes?

Some brake problems are caused due to normal wear but other problems happen due to negligence, environmental conditions, age, and abuse of brakes. If you don’t take brake problems seriously, then you are putting yourself in danger. If you ignore the bad brakes, you can damage components of braking systems such as:

Brake Pads


Brake Lines 


Master Cylinder

You Can Damage the Brake Rotors and Calipers

What Happens If You Ignore Your Bad Brakes

The car brakes are a closely connected system of moving parts. When any of the components are damaged, wear and tear can seep into other elements. 

For example, when the brake pads wear beyond a certain point, and you keep on using the damaged brake pads without getting them replaced, you are damaging the brake discs. When you pull brakes, the brake pads squeeze the rotor so that the car can stop. However, when the brake pads are excessively worn, the exposed metal in the pad squeaks against the rotors. It happens every time you use the brake. Hence, you will be damaging the rotors. 

Additionally, the heat is generated by metal-on-metal grinding. When worn pads squeeze the rotor, they can crack or warp the rotor. However, the brake discs last longer than brake pads. If you are not replacing the brake pads timely, then you can damage the other parts of the braking. As a result, you will be paying for rotors and discs while replacing the brake pads. 

If you get your brake pads change regularly on completing certain miles or keep inspecting them on regular basis, then you can avoid damaging brake rotors and discs. 

Having a Slow Response Time

What Happens If You Ignore Your Bad Brakes

With the new brake pads, you can stop your car at the exact spot you want to. With the running miles, the brake pads wear out. Some people tend to change the brake pads earlier than standard covered miles. It happens because of their braking habits. Instant and hard braking can wear out brake pads earlier. 

The more the brakes wear, the more difficult it will be for them to slow down or to stop the car. The response time can depend on the brake pad wear. If you think the brake pads have worn out enough and you experience a slow response time, then you should be paying attention to it. 

When the brake pads are worn out and brakes are glazed, it means that you will have to press harder on the brake pedal to stop it. Also, there are some common brake problems that you need to pay attention to them. 

The common brake problems such as longer stopping distances, the car pulling to one side, brake slip, shaking steering, etc. are due to worn-out brake pads. If you ignore these brake problems, then the brake pads will not engage or disengage the rotors as they are supposed to be. Also, the brake pads will not adhere evenly on both sides. As a result, when you apply brakes, you experience drifting or slipping. 

Wear Down Tires

What Happens If You Ignore Your Bad Brakes

Bad brake pads can wear down the tires. When you drive with worn brake pads, disc and rotors, you might be using the brake more frequently. Usage of more brake is due to the reason that your car won’t stop at the right spot. Also, you will be using it frequently, and it is hard to slow down the car. 

The hard braking habit wears out the braking pads earlier than their life period. As a result, you will have to use a hard brake to stop the car. It will wear out the tired faster. Also, you can throw the tired off the balance which will cause uneven tire wear. When you decide to get the brakes serviced, you might have to change tires as well. It means just changing brake pads will be quite expensive. 

Car Vibrates When Braking

When the braking system of your car is in good working order, you will be able to stop the car smoothly. After a certain period, you will feel that your steering wheel or car is vibrating or shaking. 

When the brake pads wear out, the brake rotors are damaged. As a result, it will send vibration throughout the car. When you experience any kind of vibrations while pressing the brake pedal, it means you need to replace the braking pads. 

Burning Smell When Driving

What Happens If You Ignore Your Bad Brakes

If you keep on using the worn-out brake pads, you are more likely to cause hazards on the road, especially while going down steep slopes. You will have to keep pressing the brake pedals because the brake pads are worn out. As a result, the brake pads will overheat that can cause other problems. If you ignore the bad brake pads, the overheating will heat the brake fluid causing brake failure.

Car Is Deflected While Braking

What Happens If You Ignore Your Bad Brakes

When the brake pads wear out, they affect the working of the brake caliper, which is a vital component to keep your car safe to drive. When you apply the brakes, the brake caliper does not provide an even force on the wheels. A faulty brake caliper causes deflection when uneven pressure is applied to the rotors. As a result, the car is having unbalanced braking and your car deflects in any of the directions

This can be dangerous on highways when you apply brakes at high speed. You never know where your car will deflect. Hence, you might hit a car or truck, while making it riskier for other drivers. 

Causing Accidents

Having bad brake pads and ignoring them for days or weeks can be dangerous. When you experience any bad brake booster symptoms, you should get them replaced. Otherwise, you can be a hazard on a road. Having worn out brake pads means that your braking system is not working properly. 

Even though having an anti-lock braking system would not work properly. Hence, you won’t be able to stop your car and hit the other cars on the road. Some brake failure accidents can be severe taking one’s life. Instead of risking your life, get the brakes fixed

Negligence of Brakes – Causing Costly Maintenance and Hazards

If you own a car, you know that the braking system enables the driver to stop the car. Imagine going at high speed and the front car applies brakes and you cannot. You will hit that car or any other car because of bad brakes or brake failure. To be safe on the road and highways, you must not ignore the brake problems. 

The history of brakes takes you back to the times when wooden block brakes were used in vehicles. Nowadays, modern technology has made it possible to have a perfect braking system in the vehicle. It will only work if the components of the braking system are serviced and replaced with new ones. If you are having an automatic braking system in your car but with a bad brake, your car won’t stop at safe distance!