What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Car


Washing your car on regular basis does not only help in keeping the aesthetics of the car but also to maintain the value of the car. Average people don’t bother to take care of their car, especially washing their car. If you don’t wash your car on regular basis, then you are damaging your car in various ways. Instead of driving a dirty car around the city, get it washed on regular basis. 

Not washing your car on regular basis means that you are damaging the clear coat of your car. It will cause other problems too such as fading, pitting, rusting, etc. Also, driving a dirty car affects visibility, which can be hazardous. Instead, don’t let the dirt eat your car over time. 

What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Car?

Dirt Damages Clear Coat

A clear coat on a vehicle is like the skin on your body. The clear coat protects the underneath of the car’s body. Just like your body’s skin, the coat clear is the first line against the dirt, bird droppings, acid rain, small rocks, and anything that can damage the car’s body. 

If you don’t wash your car for a long time, the dirt and debris stick to the car’s body and they start corroding the clear coat. It sounds harmless to your car but you never know what can be mixed with dirt and debris. It sticks to the clear coat like static electricity, that is why washing a car with soap loosens the bond. Hence, you should be washing it off now and then. 

Once the clear coat has worn down to the paint layer of the vehicle, the substances will damage the paint and making it catch rust or fade over time. Also, the dirt and debris can pass through the paint layer and reach the sheet metal that causes rust spots. 

The clear coat of some cars wears out at some point. If you are not washing your car on regular basis, it will cause damage several times before it normally happens. 

Prevent Fading and Rusting

What Happens When You Don't Wash Your Car

Washing and waxing your car on regular basis is not only showing off your car but it is all about protecting it against rust and pitting. The clear coat of your car is having a UV coating that protects the paint of the car from the sun rays. If your car gets direct sun rays because of a worn-out clear coat, the paint of the car will start fading. Hence, your car will need a paint job.

The Dangers of Salt

What Happens When You Don't Wash Your Car

If you don’t like to take your car to the car wash or service areas to make your vehicle spotless in winters then it is a good idea. It removes the salt that gets caught up on your car while driving in snow. If you leave the winter salt on your car for a long time, it will damage the clear coat and give rust spots to your car. 

As a result, you will be paying a huge bill at the body shop. Instead, just using wax after a car wash can protect the clear coat. It is just like a lotion that protects your skin in winter from cracking. Carnauba waxes and sealants create a hydrophobic barrier that prevents the dirt and mud from adhering to the paint and wheels. Also, it is ideal for wheels, door jambs, and the areas where rusting usually begins. 

Limits the Visibility on the Road

What Happens When You Don't Wash Your Car

If you are having a dirty windshield especially in winters then it can make visibility difficult. Also, when you are driving in rain or fog, you cannot see clearly on the road and around you. Hence, you should keep your car clean so that the windshield is having less dust and debris. Also, if your rear glass is blocking the view, then you can be a hazard on the road. 

Another thing that affects the visibility due to a dirty car is dirty headlights. If the headlight of your car is covered in dirt or mud, then it will not perform well. If you keep your headlights dirty for a long time, the UV coating will start wearing out. As a result, you will be having cloudy headlights that affect the brightness of the headlamps. Hence, it will affect the visibility during night, rain, fog, and snow. 

The Interior Matters Too

What Happens When You Don't Wash Your Car

If you are having kids, pets, or friends who frequently travel in your car, then you cannot neglect cleaning the interior of your car. Dust, pet hair, and old crumbs can stick to the dashboard, door panels, seats, etc. As a result, they will cause stains on different parts of the interior of the car. Also, your car will be having odors or even poor air quality. 

The best way to clean the interior of your car is to start by vacuuming. When you have vacuumed the floorboards, mats, seats, dashboard, etc. you will get rid of dirt and debris as much as possible. The leftovers might have caused stains in the cup holders, so make sure that you clean them thoroughly. After cleaning, you can apply leather protection to the dashboard and door panels. 

If you don’t wash or clean your interior, the dashboard and door panels or any other leather or plastic panel will start fading out. Once, they fade out, they are hard to bring back to their original color and texture. So, clean the interior of your car on regular basis to keep the resale value of your car. 

Resale Value

What Happens When You Don't Wash Your Car

Rust and pitting can not only cause problems with rusted floorboard but also damages the trade-in or resale value of your car. When a buyer looks for a second-hand car, they look for the exterior, interior, and engine performance of the car. Talking about the exterior, if your car is having rust spots because you have not washed it regularly, then it is a deal-breaker. 

Also, the interior of the car matters, when a buyer opens the door of the car and it smells bad, then it is a deal-breaker. If you have not been keeping your car clean for a long time, it will be causing damage to the engine performance too. Hence, to keep the resale value of your car, you should be washing your car on regular basis. 

Personal Pride and Well-Being

What Happens When You Don't Wash Your Car

Same as your home, if you keep it clean, you will feel better. When your home becomes dirty or messy, you clean and wipe it out on regular basis. You do so because it makes you uncomfortable to move around the house with dirt or mess everywhere. Now if we talk about the car, how can you comfortably drive it if it is having layers of dirt on it

If you don’t get your car washed on regular basis, it will get dirt and debris on the exterior and interior. Imagine wearing a dry-cleaned suit on Monday while going to work and you slip on the dirty door of your car. Hence, keeping it clean on regular basis can be helpful as mentioned above. 

Washing Your Car – Maintain the Value of Your Car

Just like you take bath daily to keep yourself clean and good-looking, the same you should be doing with your car. If you get your car washed after months, then you are damaging your car. Dirt, debris, mud, etc. damage the car paint and car’s body. As a result, your car will get old and rusty than a normal period. 

When it comes to washing your car, there are four types of car washes. You can choose any of them according to your time and money. These types make it easier for you to keep your car clean. Hence, you won’t be going around in your car with layers of dirt on it. 

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