What is a Car Air Vent Clip Replacement?


Car vent clips (the part that adjusts your car’s ac and heater vents in different directions) can be extremely costly to repair. Many times, if you are trying to get the vent fixed, you usually end up having to replace the entire vent cover, or at a worst-case scenario your entire dash section when all you needed to replace was one little lever. Well there is a new tool in town that can fix all of your problems and needs. And what’s more important, it costs literally a fraction of what it would take to actually fix an entire vent cover. So, what is a car air vent clips replacement part? We’ll explain it for you in this article as much as possible, so you know how to replace your vent clips yourself and save time and money.

What a Vent Clip Is

Vent clip replacements are small vent tabs that control which way your air actually flows. That little plastic piece that makes the air go up and down? Or left, and right? Yes, that’s the one. When these break, instead of spending a few hundred dollars if not more, you can simply buy a vent clip replacement which slides right over your tab and doesn’t require you to take apart anything. Because of the way it slides right into your center vent piece, you can literally use it as a lever to control your air flow in any direction just like the original vent tab that you had in your air vent.

Are They Universal?

Some of these vent clips are universal and you can use it on different styles and makes, or even models of vehicles because they use similar vent clips. Some older and smaller cars use different styles of vent clip so while some of them aren’t completely universal, there numerous sizes that can accommodate your needs as far as what your make and model car is. At the same time, you should make sure that you choose the right one for your model because while the tab may be the same size and design as another vehicle’s, sometimes your actual air vent which the clip will attach to is smaller, shorter, thinner, or even wider than another make and model’s version.

Is It Easy to Uninstall?

Vent clip replacements are generally just a tool which snaps onto your actual vent. Because of this it’s very easy to pry off. They operate with a little latch that goes over your horizontal louvers. When you’re putting it on, you simply snap it in place, so when it comes to uninstalling them, all you have to do is use a tool as simple as a flathead screwdriver. You simply lift the top part while holding onto the vent clip replacement handle and stick the screwdriver inside the middle (in between the top and bottom). Lift up on the top side towards your vertical louvers while holding the replacement tab in place and once you get the clip up high enough you can easily slide the replacement off by pulling back on it.

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