What Is a Car Battery Carrier?

It is already time to change the car battery, but it isn’t easy to transport one from one location to another. Many people carry their car batteries in various ways, including carrying them on their shoulders, holding them by the handle, and holding them close to their chest. Most people believe this is the best way to handle a car battery; however, it is the most dangerous.

The handles are not intended to support the weight of the battery for an extended time and carrying it near your chest or on your shoulder can result in acid spilling, which will burn your clothes and skin. A car battery carrier or lifter is the most recommended and efficient way to transport a car battery. Continue reading to learn more about it and see a list of the best car battery carriers to consider purchasing.

What Is a Car Battery Carrier or Lifter?

A car battery carrier or lifter is a simple accessory (check out these essential accessories to buy for your car) that allows users to easily transport the battery from one location to another. Spilling acid and breaking sidewalls are two of the most common accidents involved in transporting car batteries.

Best Battery Carrier

Manufacturers have improved the carrier design and made it more ergonomic in recent years to enable greater efficiency. Here are the top ten products to think about if you’re looking for a car battery carrier.

Uriah Products UV001970 17-1/2″

While most strap-style car battery lifters are manufactured of cloth or other materials, this product is made of vinyl, making it a better option for you. Uriah Products is a top-rated brand on the market now, with a reputation for marketing high-quality automobile parts.

One of the product’s best features is the vinyl strip, which is resistant to wear and tear. The product is built to withstand heavy loads without breaking or deforming. Another appealing feature of this product is that it includes buckles and a locking mechanism keeping the battery locked to the buckles until it reaches its destination.

Lisle 57850 Battery Carrier

 a man taking a car battery with a car battery carrier out of a truck

This clamp-style car battery lifter is available in a variety of designs. If you’re looking for a battery lifter to help you carry car, motorcycle, and marine batteries, this is your product.

This product is designed so that it can accommodate nearly every battery in use in two, three, and four-wheelers. The clamp can be extended up to 10-inches, and the sawtooth-like tips provide maximum surface grip, preventing the battery from slipping. Aside from these factors, the product’s ergonomic design allows the user to carry the battery with two hands.

Steelman 77060 Side Battery Lifter

Steelman, among the top-rated car battery-lifter marketing and manufacturing brands on the market today, manufactures the clamp-type car battery lifter. Unlike other products on the market, this product includes high-quality features such as those listed below.

Among this product’s most notable features is the handle, which has excellent grips and provides a higher safety level while carrying the battery. Another benefit of this product is you can use it to transport almost any type of car battery. This lifter is ideal for lifting marine batteries without exposing your hands to acids.

TROJAN EZGO 609628 Battery Lifting Strap

Trojan has been on the market for a while, and in recent years, the brand has built a reputation for producing high-quality products. This car battery carrier is one of those designed to provide maximum benefits.

This Trojan lifting strap is specifically designed to carry a T105 battery found in E-Z-GO vehicles. However, it is not limited to this battery type; it can also transport batteries of the same width and features. The entire strap is flexible, and the hooks on both ends are made of high-quality steel. The strap material is extremely durable and guaranteed to last long without wearing or tearing.

EZ RED S520 Side Lifter

E-Z Red is among the best brands today in marketing and manufacturing high-quality car battery lifters. Unlike most generic products today, this product is specifically designed to transport car batteries with maximum ease and safety. Everything you have to know about the product is right here.

This product is intended to lift almost any battery with a width ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 inches. One of this product’s best features is the handle, which has excellent vinyl grips and ensures the product does not slip and fall while being carried. This product is also suitable for transporting group 65 batteries.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Car Battery Carrier

A car battery carrier’s primary function is to assist a user in transporting a car battery without spilling the acid and damaging the battery’s sidewalls. The product must be the best to serve this purpose. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when buying a car battery lifter.

Car Battery Carrier Type

There are currently two types of car battery carriers: strap and clamp. As the name implies, a clamp-type lifter is designed with a handle and a tightening mechanism. It is clamped to the battery’s sidewalls, tightened, and can be carried by the handles.

Regarding strapping, the entire product is pliable and comes with buckles at every end that can be snapped to the battery and carried. However, we recommend that you only consider clamp-type car battery lifters and avoid strap car battery lifters.


Because a car battery is heavier than a standard battery, a battery carrier should be built to support this weight. Not all car battery carriers are of the same quality; some brands fail to maintain the consistent quality of their products. We recommend that you look for reviews and buy a product from a top-rated brand because these brands consistently maintain their product quality.

Reviews and Brand

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Because a car battery lifter isn’t a complicated accessory, most people overlook the brand when purchasing a car battery lifter. It is a mistake to believe that its quality is directly related to the brand regardless of how simple a product is. Finding the best car battery lifter brand is not an easy task; however, if you read the reviews on verified customer reviews and expert pages on e-commerce websites, you may find the best brand.


Carrying weight is a difficult task. Car batteries are heavy, and not every car battery lifters include grips. When it comes to clamping type, it’s critical to consider purchasing a product with excellent grips to ensure maximum safety.