What is a Car Wrap?


Have you heard about car wraps? If you’ve seen a vehicle designed with a fancy advertisement designed throughout the car, that’s a perfect example of what a car wrap is. It’s a wrap made out of vinyl and installed over the paint of a vehicle. But what exactly does the process entail?

How Car Wraps are Installed

The first step is to come up with a design for the 3M car wrap. The design uses the measurements of your vehicle, and then gets printed and laminated for installation.

Next, the wraps adhesive is used to apply it to the surface of your vehicle. It should be installed by a professional for accuracy. You want the vinyl to be as smooth as possible and not have any wrinkles or bubbles.

How Do You Care for Your Car Wrap?

In order to ensure that your car wrap lasts as long as possible, you must take the proper maintenance measures. First, you must wash the 3M car wrap regularly. You have to get rid of dirt, debris, and residue off so that it doesn’t embed itself into the vinyl graphics.

This step has to be done using washing products that are friendly to car wraps. You also want to use microfiber cloths to wash the wrap as using standard brushes can wear it out. Certain stains and buildups like bird droppings need to be spot treated properly as well. You can also check out car advertising wrap for more great options.

How Long Do the Wraps Last?

The wraps will last very long. It can last as long as three to five years. The most significant factor will really come down to how well you maintain the car wrap. You also have to make sure you do not leave the car outside in the elements.

The sun’s UV rays, constant heat, and winter weather conditions can wear away at the vinyl over time. But a car wrap is a good investment for your business because you only need to get a new one installed every couple of years.

Car Wrap

Can Small Issues Get Repaired?

If most of the car wrap is intact, but you have issues with certain areas, you can definitely get it repaired without replacing the whole wrap. This step is a more cost-effective way of maintaining your wrap for an extended period of time compared to getting a new wrap installed.

You must work with the same company for your car wrap. If you found that the company installed the wrap without any issues and has the original designs, you want to go back to the same company to get consistent results.

What If You Want to Install the Wrap on a Small Area of the Vehicle?

There is always the option of getting a partial wrap. Typically, a full wrap will cover the entire vehicle. The reason for this is to create a cohesive design that connects many design elements for an overall presentation.

But for partial wraps, you can opt to get the sides, rear, and hood installed. This choice makes sense since that covers the largest surface areas of cars. This step will be done through multiple prints if you’re using designs that don’t necessarily connect with each other.

Are Car Wraps Worth It?

In most cases, yes. You have to think about the long term impressions that you are going to get with your car wrap advertisement. If the car is going to be on the road often and the car wrap lasts for several years, you’re going to get hundreds of thousands of impressions easily.

People find that the cost per impressions for car wraps are lower than traditional forms of advertising such as billboards, radio, and TV. It’s always wise to include a form of contact that you can track on your car wrap such as a phone number, email address, or website page. This will allow you to calculate the ROI you’re getting from your car wrap investment.

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