What is a dpf emulator, and how does it work?

The drivers in the EU have to follow the guidelines regarding the emissions of gases and solid particles. Using the emulators makes it easier to keep up with them. How do the emulators work, and what do they replace?

The transport sector is responsible for a big part of greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to the global problem of air pollution. As a direct result of combustion processes taking place in the engine, gases and solid particles reach the air, causing the formation of smog when the conditions are favorable. Carbon oxides, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter – all these are a product of burning fuel.

Side products of fuel combustion & how to reduce them

Depending on the type of fuel, the composition of exhaust fumes may change. In the case of Diesel cars, the main problem is the high emissions of nitrogen oxides and dioxides, while for the gasoline-fueled ones, it’s the particulate matter. There are widely available solutions that can neutralize these problems. To neutralize the nitrogen, the best is to use AdBlue. For reducing the particulate matter emissions, an appropriate filter will be just enough.

The regulations issued by the European Union oblige the vehicle owners to lower both types of emissions to specified levels. However, some of them are unhappy with the compromises they have to make when using the AdBlue and DPF filters. Some drivers claim that it lowers the efficiency of their vehicles and do not want to cross the acceptable emission levels when controlled. To avoid that, they use dpf emulators and Adblue conversion kits.

The users of regular vehicles are rarely the subjects to controls. It’s different for trucks and other heavyweight vehicles that get controlled on a daily basis. That’s why the emulators are particularly popular among the truck drivers.

DPF emulator – how does it work?

What is a DPF emulator? It’s a substitute for a DPF filter. It doesn’t filtrate the solid particles released from the engine, but it makes it look like the emissions meet the imposed requirements. In order to achieve that, the filter should be removed from the system and replaced by the DPF emulator.

What are the alternatives for the DPF emulator?

If the DPF filter in your car is not working properly, you don’t have to replace it with an emulator right away. You can also repair it. Usually, the problem lies in the clogging of the filter. Cleaning it with the appropriate chemicals should do the job.

The DPF emulator will give you peace of mind in the case of control, but before installing it, you should check the local regulations. It may turn out that the usage of emulators is forbidden in your area.