What Is a Junk Car Yard? A Quick Guide


Did you know that as of 2021, the average age of cars driven on US roads is 12.1 years? That’s two years more than the mean age of vehicles back in 2009!

As impressive as that is, it also indicates that public roads are full of aging automobiles. Unfortunately, some of those cars can already pose safety hazards.

So, if you own such a vehicle yourself, it may be best to send it to a junk car yard. We’ll give you a brief overview of what these businesses are all about, so be sure to read on.

What Is a Junk Car Yard?

The US federal law defines a junkyard as a business or establishment that buys, sells, or stores junk. Those include junk car yards, a facility specifically meant for junk automobiles.

A junk car, in turn, is a vehicle that can no longer operate on public streets, roads, and highways. It’s also bereft of any value except as a source of scrap metal or parts.

So, a junk car yard is a facility where you can sell junk automobiles or their scrap parts. Most of them offer cash for junk cars, so they can be a great place to cash in on a junk vehicle.

What About Old Cars That Still (Somewhat) Run?

Some junk car yards also buy non-junk vehicles, including operable but old automobiles. So, if you own such a machine yourself, you might want to sell it to a yard as it can be faster than selling to a private buyer.

Some yards also buy cars requiring extensive repairs. These include vehicles with significant problems affecting the engine or transmission system.

You can also sell an inoperable yet repairable car to an auto salvage yard. An example is a vehicle with a salvage title.

Why Should You Dispose of Junk or Old Vehicles?

A good enough reason is that junk cars are excellent sources of scrap materials. For example, steel and iron make up about two-thirds of an average car. Both metals, in turn, are highly recyclable, so much so that their average recycling rate is 90%.

That means even a scrap car still holds some value that you can turn into quick cash.

Another reason to sell a junk vehicle or old car to a yard is to prevent it from posing health and safety risks. Over time, junk cars can emit deadly gases and toxins, such as lead and mercury. On the other hand, old cars can break down in the middle of a road, putting you and other people at risk of an accident.

Last but not least, there are legal implications of keeping junk and unused vehicles. For example, some US states have laws regarding junk cars as a public nuisance if left visible to the public. Those who breach such regulations can face hefty fines.

Time to Turn That Heap of Junk Into Cash

There you have it, your guide on the most crucial facts you need to know about a junk car yard. So, now you know that while they usually buy junk vehicles, they also accept old or even working cars.

Thus, if you have a ride that you want to dispose of ASAP, consider selling it for cash to a junk automobile yard.

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