What Is a Parking Guidance System and Is It Good for My Car?


Parking guidance systems give drivers dynamic information about the availability of free spaces in parking areas, to make vehicle circulation run more smoothly in parking areas. Parking guidance systems allow drivers to get immediate information about full and vacant spaces in the parking area. In short, it helps drivers to avoid driving around in circles!

How Does a Parking Guidance System Work?

Parking Guidance Systems have a range of features. This includes controlling traffic access, variable message sign technology, and operational interaction with the user.

Typically, they allow drivers to locate empty parking places when looking for a park, and find their cars when they return. Advanced parking guidance systems often use different adaptive lighting sensors which indicate empty parking spaces. Parking guidance systems also have indoor positioning systems, and features to help you find your lost car.

Benefits Of Parking Guidance Systems

Parking Guidance Systems are an important part of the entire parking process for both parking operators and drivers. These days, parking management can be pretty challenging, and Parking Guidance Systems make it a lot easier. For drivers too, parking guidance systems can have a lot of benefits.

It Reduces Travel Time

We have all been in a situation where we arrived on time but ended up being late because we couldn’t find a parking spot. Parking Guidance Systems help you find a parking spot faster, reduce your trip time, and let you get to your destination sooner.

Hospitals, universities, supermarkets, shopping centres, and other public places have a high volume of vehicles arriving and exiting all the time. In these places, a parking guidance system means everyone can get in, park, and get out with minimal hassle.

It Is a Cost-Effective Solution

Another benefit of a parking management system is that it is a low-cost technology.   These systems are relatively inexpensive for organizations to install and can actually lower their management costs. Additionally, because these systems are automated, fewer employees are needed to operate the system.

All of this is better for drivers because it means that parking lots are cheaper to run, and therefore can offer more affordable prices to their customers.

It Provides Best Parking Experience

A parking guidance system provides a better, stress-free parking experience. Most advanced parking guidance systems have sensors that detect the presence of vehicles in parking spots, with a visual signal to show that the space is free, occupied, or sometimed s different status. The sensors change to green or blue to show the space is free, while a red light means it is occupied. These light are designed to be easily visible from some distance.

Using these improved parking lots is a breeze. It enables you to locate parking spaces quickly, saving not only time but also gasoline. Because advanced parking guidance systems are ticketless and use Automatic Vehicle Identification, you won’t have to wait in line to access or exit a parking spot.

It is Simple to Use and Manage

Another benefit of a parking guidance system is that it’s extremely simple to develop, install, administer, use, and manage. An advanced parking guidance system can be managed with minimum training. From a driver’s perspective, these systems are user-friendly and intuitive. An advanced parking guidance system is not only user-friendly – it also improves the overall parking management process.

It Reduces Noise, Traffic Clogging and Pollution

Parking guidance systems are also beneficial for the environment because they reduces noise, traffic, air pollutions, and emissions by reducing vehicle driving time inside the parking lot.

A parking management system can help reduce traffic congestion, driving time, and pollution in cities. Ultimately, it helps to reduce vehicle emissions and limit the effects of climate change.

It Improves Safety and Security

Another benefit of a parking guidance systems is they making parking safer and more secure. Car theft can be a big problem in many parking lots, but parking management systems make it harder for theives to enter, and easier to catch the perpetrators if criminal activity does occur. Advanced ALPR / ALPN cameras (licence plate recognition cameras) and various additional features help to achieve this.

It Reduces Stress

The other benefit of parking guidance systems is that they reduce the stress of finding a parking spot. These systems mean no more driving around looking for an empty parking spot, or getting into arguments with other drivers over the last spot.

In a nutshell, a Parking Guidance System improves parking experiences by directing you to a vacant spot and often identifying your car for you when you return. It cuts down on search time, which in turn minimises traffic congestion and air pollution. Furthermore, these systems control and/or track the cars that enter and leave the parking lot, keeping your car more secure.

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