What Is a Tire Step?


When you own a vehicle that you can take anywhere, you gain access to many things that public transportation cannot. Having your vehicle, however, comes with a lot of responsibility. To keep it in top condition, you should use a car maintenance checklist.

Equipping your car with accessories is one way to increase its value. Sure, they’re not entirely necessary, but they’re still nice to have because they can improve the functionality of your vehicle. A tire step is one of these accessories, so keep reading to learn more about this multipurpose tool.

What Exactly Is a Tire Step?

Tire steps are a popular aftermarket accessory for SUVs, trucks, and various large automobiles. A car tire step or truck tire step is available at various sporting goods stores, automotive stores, and large department stores. Tire steps, also known as wheel mount tire steps, can be used for various purposes and are designed to make access to a vehicle easier and less strenuous.

Other than tire steps, here are five of the best car gadgets and accessories you can gift this Thanksgiving.

The adjustable wheel step or tire step can be made in various ways. It is typically constructed of a three-bar harness fastened on the top of a tire, with a separate harness dangling over the center of the tire and a step elevated off the ground. The tire step can often support weights as heavy as many adult men, and standardized tire steps can be adapted to fit on any standard tire.

What Are Tire Steps For?

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Tire steps can be installed outside any car tire and are easily replaced and removed. These steps can make it easier for a driver to get into a car seat, especially in SUVs or trucks with elevated seats.

The primary function of the tire step, on the other hand, is to make it easier to access the top of the car. Tire steps provide a stable spot to stand, whether the goal is to strap hunting catches or luggage onto the top of the car, clean the top of the car, adjust an upper rack, or repair something too high to reach.

Tire steps are made with various step treads to prevent accidents and can be made with several adjustable screws and levers to allow the step to be lowered and raised. Some rigs have more than one step and allow for changing heights when operating on a vehicle.

Tire steps are also commonly made of forgiving rubber or metal, so they will not damage tires if they are accidentally left on while driving. As the tire turns, the device will slide under it, though it will most likely be destroyed.

A step built into many larger vehicles is another type of tire step. This step is frequently built just beneath the door and above the wheel well, and it includes a small step for passengers or drivers to enter the vehicle easily. This is standard in a variety of larger trucks and SUVs.

The Best Tire Steps

There are numerous tire step manufacturers to choose from, including Powerbuilt, Argatin, Heininger, KAYCENTOP, KAIRAY, and others, so how do you know which one is the best? We compiled a list of the best tire steps to assist you in finding the one you want.

Powerbuilt 647596 Heavy Duty Folding Tire Steps


Fits Almost Any Vehicle: Because it’s universal and height-adjustable, it’ll fit car tires, RV tires, truck tires, and even semi-truck tires; it’ll fit any tire with a 13-inch cross width or less at the tread.

Reach Higher: Step on up with this durable, secure step. Slip it over your vehicle tire, and you’ll be able to reach your roof rack, truck box, engine bay, luggage, lumber rack, and bike without straining.

Work Safer: The anti-slip tape strips and metal cheesegrater surface provide excellent grip in adverse and favorable conditions. Furthermore, the open design allows slush, mud, and debris to pass through.

Heininger Hitchmate 4040 Black TireStep


Adjustable: Tire height and width can be adjusted in three positions.

Durable: This tire-mounted auto step is ideal for working on engines, cleaning inaccessible areas, changing wiper blades, and packing roof racks on tall vehicles.

Easy Storage: Folds flat for ease of storage in includes a soft storage bag

Argatin Folding Heavy Duty Tire Steps


Reach a Higher Place: slip it over your car tire and reach the roof rack, truck box, engine bay, luggage, lumber rack, and bike without overreaching.

Universal: The tire steps accommodate any tire from 9 to 13 inches in diameter, and the height-adjustable design allows it to fit truck tires, car tires, and RV tires.

KAIRAY Folding Tire Step


Non-Slip Design: The tire step has a shark jaw shape that increases friction between the surface of the steps and the bottom of the shoe, resulting in an effective anti-skid.

Durable Material: This tire step is made from heavy steel with a matte light texture coating for long-lasting corrosion resistance. The wheel step has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Design: The non-slip design of the tire steps is designed with a “shark jaws” shape employed on the truck tire step’s surface.



Universal: This tire step fits tires up to 14.4″.

4 Options: The pickup truck tire steps can be adjusted to four different positions to accommodate different truck tire heights.

Foldable: You can fold the tire climber step when not in use.

WINTOOLS Folding Tire Step Adjustable


Adjustable: has three (3) different tire width and height positions. Modify the tire step to fit your RV, SUV, or light truck. The folding tire step attaches to the tire of the vehicle and is perfect for changing wiper blades, packing roof racks, working on engines, and cleaning those hard-to-reach spots on tall vehicles.

Dimensions: Folded 15.5″W X 20″L X 3″H;  Extended 15.5″W X 20.5″L X 14.25″H; Fits all tires up to 12″.

Save Space: the expandable tire step folds flat for easy and convenient storage in your trunk, cab, truck bed, trailer, hatch, or garage.

AMOMD Tire Step


Slip-Slip Design: Adding an anti-slip line to the pedal effectively prevents slipping, making it much safer to stand on.

High quality: the pedal is made of stainless steel and high-carbon steel screws, giving it a high load-bearing capacity of 150kg (330.69lbs) and durability.

Portable: easy and convenient to fold, folds into a flat surface, takes up little storage space, and is lightweight.

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