What Is a Topside Creeper?


Working on a vehicle and reaching the most difficult part can be frustrating. Parts of a vehicle, such as a truck, are difficult to reach. Every automotive or garage industry requires a topside creeper, which enables them to work without the support of a wall to alleviate this issue.

The topside creeper has a deck at the top of the ladder that allows the technician to reach difficult places or work comfortably. Read on to learn more about topside creepers, what they are, and how they work. Today, we’re going to go over car topside creepers.

What Exactly Is a Car Topside Creeper?

A car topside creeper is essentially a cross between a step ladder and a traditional automotive creeper. This tool makes it easier and more comfortable for mechanics to work on difficult-to-reach topside engine parts. 

You can also use it to handle other projects raised above the ground. This tool will make working on the engine bay more convenient for you.

Topside creepers are structured to get above the tops of larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. They are also foldable, letting you work on any engine part without causing back or leg strain. When you find the perfect topside creeper, you will be able to avoid awkwardly bending over on the front side of the car.

Are you using a topside creeper to maintain your car? Here are basic tips for car maintenance that can help!

What Is the Purpose of a Topside Creeper?

A topside creeper is employed to reach difficult parts that are difficult to repair, such as an engine, while also protecting the technician from straightened legs and back pain. The topside creeper’s wheel makes it easy to move, while the foldable creeper is simple to store, saving you garage space.

Topside Creeper Factors to Consider When Purchasing One

If you want to buy a topside creeper to make your job easier, consider some important factors when selecting the best one.

Weight Capacity

The majority of topside creepers can support up to 400 pounds. However, this is typically assigned to someone who doesn’t exceed the top step. It signifies that the pad only has to take the torso’s weight, and putting 400 pounds on the upper, padded tray is not a good idea.


If you only work on a few vehicles per week or only fix your cars, you’ll probably only use a topside creeper one or two times a week. As a result, choosing a foldable one is preferable so that it can be stored out of the way when not in use. This will also clear out space in your garage or workspace.

Wheel Placement

You must also pay attention to the placement of the wheels on the topside creepers. Check that it allows you to get closer to all engine areas without the wheels’ restrictions. You must also look for a model with high-quality rubber or urethane coasters and steel bearings, which will allow for easier maneuverability and longevity in your workspace.

Height Adjustment

Another important feature of a topside creeper is adjustable height. This way, you’ll be able to reach the engine bay and use it for every repair possible. You’ll be able to use it on various vehicles if it has a good height adjustment.

Making a DIY Topside Creeper at Home

Making a topside creeper is normally an enjoyable DIY project. To get a perfect creeper, follow the basic steps correctly. The steps are outlined below.

Gather the Required Equipment

The first task is to assemble all of the necessary tools. If you haven’t organized your tools before starting a project, it can take time and disrupt your concentration. So, first, learn about the tools and gather them.

The following are the necessary tools:

  • Plywood board
  • Bolts
  • Sponge mattress
  • Screw
  • Wood 
  • 2×6′ top horizontal 
  • 2×8′ horizontal base

Change the Length and Height

You’ll need a 2×8 horizontal base and a 2×6 top horizontal platform to begin. After that, you’ll need to adjust the height and length of your DIY topside creeper. You’ll need 6×2′ wood pieces to put this together.

After you’ve adjusted the length and height, the next step is to improve the weight distribution of your new topside creeper. Use bolts to help with the weight here.

Remember to add support to your topside creeper because the best topside creepers are known for features such as height adjustments and weight capacity. As a result, make a diagonal cross on every side of a 4×6′ piece of 24″. It will ensure that there is even weight distribution.

Make the Wheel Placement Correctly

A screw is used to lock and fix the wheel on a topside creeper. Don’t forget to tighten the screws on all four sides and double-check everything.

That concludes the DIY topside creeper. You can now add variations based on your preferences.

Making a topside creeper is simple if you’ve previously completed a technical project. You must accurately measure the items; otherwise, the height or weight will not be adjusted. As a result, making a purchase will help you save energy and money.

How Much Is a Topside Creeper?

How Much Is a Topside Creeper

Numerous brands sell low-cost topside creepers. If you want a high-quality topside creeper, the price ranges from $2,973 to $33,194.

How Should a Topside Creeper Be Folded?

Simple steps are required to fold a topside creeper. Check the pins on the left and right sides first. Pull them from the left and right sidebars, then lift the base end. After that, you can easily fold it and store it.

Why Should You Go With a Custom-padded Deck Topside Creeper?

A padded deck adds comfort while working on your car or truck. A topside creeper quickly folds away for a compact configuration when not in use. Four swivel casters make positioning the topside creeper simple and smooth; adjust in height increments of 6 inches from 52 to 72 inches.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Topside Creeper?

A topside creeper is ideal for accessing the engine from the vehicle’s top, making it among the essential tools every home car mechanic needs. It also allows for prolonged periods of bending over the car engine without the onset of painful fatigue.

You can adjust the topside creeper’s height to accommodate various vehicles. Most topside creepers are also made of heavy-gauge steel with a scratch-resistant powder coat finish.

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