What Is Car Sharing? Everything You Need to Know


First came taxis and car rentals. Then came Uber. Now there’s car sharing. Over 330 million people live in America and transport is always needed.

These days, it’s become easier for people searching for a ride to find the most competitive prices. It’s also easier for those who need jobs to have the opportunity to fill that need.

Curious to know what car sharing is and how it can benefit you? Keep on reading.

What Is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is something new in the riding industry that allows people to share their own cars and make money. This is different from having to depend on fleet vehicles rental companies own to help those who need it get around.

You can use car sharing if you have a car, but don’t drive it often. You can also use it if you own a second (or third) car you seldom use. Anytime you aren’t driving your car, it could be making you money whether it’s 10 hours or 20 hours.

When you rent out your car with a car sharing service, you are in control of the hours your car is available for use. SHAiR makes it possible to create that time by downloading an app to reserve your car. Someone in your area will use that reservation.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Car Sharing Service?

There are benefits for both riders and drivers who decide to use a car sharing service (or Uber). Riders are able to save money by reserving a car when they need it.

Riders can save tens to hundreds of dollars by reserving a car with a car-sharing service. It’s also more convenient for riders who won’t have to worry about lines.

Drivers benefit well from the income they can make. Someone can find and book your car in a few minutes. You can set your own price for your car and receive requests from riders who need it.

How much you can make will depend on a few factors. For example, the model and make of your car as well as the location you stay.

Car sharing services will handle everything for you to make sure you get your money. The only thing you need to do is verify yourself and your car (the VIN and plate).

You also need to take photos of your car. This will attract riders the quickest to get you earning money right away.

Try Car Sharing to Earn Supplemental Income

Car sharing is the answer for people needing reliable transport who also want to take advantage of savings. You could be the reason for those savings by putting up your ride for car sharing when you’re not using it.

It’s a great way to earn extra cash on the side with a vehicle that would be sitting idle. Anyone can have a lucrative side hustle these days with their car.

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