What Is The Best Month To Buy A Car?


Are you looking for some valuable information about buying a new car in the right month? You’ve come to the right spot. Naturally, most people will be inclined towards checking the prices of different cars. Does buying a car in a certain month make a difference in the total cost? We have all the answers to your questions. This is why we suggest you sift through this article till the end of the best understanding.

What is the Best Month to Buy a Car?

Research suggests that the months of October, November, and December are the best months to buy a car. However, most experts swoon over December because it is the time when companies will sell their cars at the lowest prices before the launch of the new year model. More specifically, if you settle for the end of December, you will get the best price for a car. Keep in mind, there are several factors that one has to be mindful of when choosing the best month to buy a car.

December is the best month for a number of reasons, such as:

Christmas sale is on the top of the game. If you visit any car showroom, you will be entitled to a plethora of discounts and coupon codes.

The sales team has to keep up with the yearly end quota, so they will likely sell the cars at a lower price.

The new stock is about to be placed in the showrooms, which is why the current stock has to be sold out.

Lastly, the new models have to be showcased for the public, so there is no chance you will get a new car for a high price.

However, if you don’t have an elaborate budget, you can settle for one of the used cars. Visit Rolls Auto Sales if you want to sift through the best options for the used cars on the web. Not to forget, a used car can also suffice for your needs, so you must never overlook it. However, if you want to get a car for the lowest price, choosing the month of December is a choice you will never regret.

How Much Do The Prices Drop?

If you have sifted through a few articles on the web, you must know that the new models are launched in the autumn season. However, if you don’t want to buy a new car as soon as it is launched, you can expect its prices to drop at the year-end. Secondly, the drop in the prices is in coherence with how long the model has been out.

Experts believe the most conventional drop in the prices of cars in December falls between 5 to 10 percent. However, depending on the model of the vehicle, you can expect to save around 20 to 30 percent as well. As a buyer, you are entitled to negotiate with the seller for the actual price.

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