What Is the Best Window Tinting?


A feature called window tint could go a long way towards preserving a vehicle’s longevity. Car owners considering such a purchase are invited to read on for a brief overview of what this product is. We will also discuss the attributes of the best window tinting and possible benefits of employing this feature. What automotive industry insiders suggest is amongst the better consumer products and the pros and cons of choosing professional installation or completing the task oneself.

Window Tint Overview

Tinting, also known as window film, is a transparent but darkened sheet applied to features such as the side and rear windows, in addition to the windshield. Tint can be constructed out of various materials, notably polyester, ceramic, carbon and metal. Additionally, consumers can choose from varying shades of darkness.

Attributes Of Optimal Tint Products

The best window tints will share the following attributes:


Tinting, especially those fitted to a window or windshield’s exterior, will be exposed to high speeds, roadway hazards like flying debris, and a host of potentially adverse weather conditions such as winds, snow, rain, and ice. Therefore, the material chosen must be able to withstand any of these occurrences.


In many instances, those investing in window tints do so to enjoy an appreciable degree of privacy. Such protection prevents nosy motorists from leering into a protected vehicle. That said, darker tint usually equals a greater amount of privacy.

It is important to note that traffic authorities of certain regions place limits on how thick or dark window tint can be on side and rear windows and windshields.

Fortunately, the Province of Alberta has not established such regulations. That said, other Canadian provinces and many American states have created such mandates. Therefore, Alberta residents travelling professionally or leisurely should familiarize themselves with the laws in any locale they may visit.

Protection From Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet, or simply UV rays, are powerful bursts of energy transmitted by the sun. Scientific research has found that motorists who continually receive direct exposure from UV rays stand at increased risk of developing skin cancer, especially the potentially deadly variation known as melanoma. Ergo, consumers are strongly urged to pick a film given a high UV protection rating.

Additional Benefits

The preceding attributes may not only yield investing motorists’ better health and a higher degree of privacy. Optimal quality, properly installed tint might also prevent interior features like upholstery from fading, improve insulation, regulate interior temperatures, reduce reliance on heating and air conditioning, lower fuel bills, and increase the vehicle’s exterior aesthetics.

The Best Window Tinting Products

Lexen Precut For All Windows

The Lexen company is widely known for producing top-quality tinting products. Several automotive industry publications maintain that the establishment’s Precut Tint For All vehicular windows is amongst the best products currently available to consumers.

Said experts put forth this assertion because the material is pre-cut, which renders the installation process easier and more amenable to do-it-yourself undertakings, is high durability, provides excellent visibility, is both UV and scratch-resistant, and can be found in a variety of shades.

MotoShield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint Film

Industry professionals suggest that this MotoShield product is amongst the best products on the open market. Amongst this item’s attributes is an exceptionally high UV protection rating, a relatively manageable installation process, compatibility with many different automobiles, being comprised of environmentally-conscious materials, and is considered particularly strong and long-lasting. The product is a bit expensive, but experts agree it is money well spent.

Is Window Tinting A Good Do-It-Yourself Project?

Many tinting products come in pre-cut kits enabling do-it-yourself installation. Said efforts might save the car owner money in labour. That said, window tinting and automotive professionals suggest that this project should be left to the hands of experienced and skilled professionals. Installation must be precise. Inadequately inserted materials could damage car windows and will ultimately need to be removed or reinstalled.

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