What is the difference between an automated and a conventional fleet management process?


It is quite challenging to manage a fleet of vehicles. Some businesses have started leveraging innovative technologies for fleet management, while others still rely on manual and conventional methods. However, modern technologies help you in automating the vehicle management process. Using a car tracker, you can control your fleet. Let’s now find the differences between these approaches.

Control over fuel

The fuel cost is the biggest concern of fleet owners. In some cases, the bill for fuel consumption goes beyond their budget. With a conventional vehicle management process, you cannot manage and track regular fuel usage.

But, you can overcome this problem by using fleet management software and a GPS tracker. It will be easy to monitor automobile usage. You will learn about the idling periods, which add to the fuel cost. An average 2 hour idling time for 100 automobiles can result in a significant waste of fuel.

Fleet driver management

Using a conventional method, you need to manage the drivers manually. Several transportation companies have claimed that they have driver shortage issues due to improper management.

But, you can use a fleet management system and telematics to track the real-time location of the drivers. It will be easy to allocate drivers to passengers efficiently. It will also result in higher satisfaction. You can inform customers about the accurate time of their shipment arrivals.

So, upgrade your fleet business operations and avoid losing customers to your competitors.

Route optimization

A few years, fleet drivers struggled to find the shortest routes to reach their destination. It is the biggest issue of the absence of technology. This problem can also cause an adverse effect on reputation.

But, customers always desire quick deliveries of services and products. That is why you can use a GPS-based car tracker and a vehicle management system to optimise the routes. As an admin, you can also check the real-time route status and find the vehicle’s location. It will be easy to avoid traffic slowdowns, as your drivers will be able to choose the best route to arrive on time.

Furthermore, you can automate notifications to your customers. Route management reduces the daily stress of your drivers.

Automate management software

It is time-consuming to deal with everyday activities using paper-based methods. However, a digitised and automated workflow will make everything easier. You can lower the risk of miscommunications and human errors. So, you can use reliable fleet management software designed with automated technology.

Moreover, the software will send reminders about your vehicle management scheduling. You can share data with other team members and drivers.

Maintain safer operations

Risky driving behaviour can result in damage to your vehicles. So, you should monitor vehicles during regular trips. AI-based technology of a car tracker analyses drivers’ behaviours and distractions. You will get an instant report on your drivers and take steps to maintain safety.

So, the differences between automated and traditional fleet management are clear. Investing in fleet management software does not involve a high cost. You will get immeasurable benefits from using this automated platform.


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