What is the Penalty for a DUI in Florida


If you have been accused of Driving Under the Influence in Florida, you are probably wondering how long you will have to live without a driver’s license, how much money you will pay, and if there is any jail time involved.

You are considered drunk when you have a blood or breath alcohol content of 0.08. If you are under the age of 18, you will be considered drunk if your BAC is 0ver 0.02. If your BAC is over 0.15, you will be charged with aggravated DUI.

It would be impossible to determine the exact penalties that you will receive without knowing all the details of your case. However, there are some basic guidelines of which you should be aware before you go to court. The penalties for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol increase with each offense.

1st Offense

If this is your first offense, you should not assume that a judge will go easy on you. A first offense can come with license suspension from 180 days to one year. If you are in a situation where you have to drive, you may be able to get a hardship license, but you will be required to prove that driving is mandatory in your case.

First offense DUI convicts can receive fines that are between $500 and $1000. The driver is likely to be required to take an alcohol education class as well.

If a driver is convicted of aggravated DUI, they may have to install an Interlock Ignition Device in their car. They may also face jail time from 6 to 9 months and fines of up to $2000.

2nd Offense

If you have a second DUI offense within five years of the first offense, you can expect to pay fines from $1000 to $2000. If the charges are aggravated, you can pay as much as $4000 and face jail time. You can lose your license for 6 months to one year. You will be required to take classes and you will have to install an IID in the car.

3rd Offense

If you have three DUI offenses in the Sunshine State in a 10 year period, you can lose your license for a minimum of 10 years. You will face jail time from 30 days to five years and you can pay a fine of up to $5000. You may be required to enter a rehab program. The chances of obtaining a hardship license decrease with each offense.

Laws for persons under 21 are even more strict. If you are underaged and you are caught driving, you will have your license suspended for a year, even if it is your first offense. Like all states in America, Florida has a zero-tolerance policy and your likely going to need a good DUI lawyer.

Finding an Attorney

If you want to avoid getting the worst penalties and suspension lengths, finding the right lawyer is an important step. The attorney you hire should be well versed in Florida law and have years of experience dealing with traffic issues. They should have legal researchers who are willing to give your case the time and attention that it deserves.

Stroleny Law will work hard to make sure you get the lightest sentence possible. Your driving privileges are worth fighting for, so hire an attorney in whom you have confidence.

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