What is the Purpose of Lanyards


What are lanyards used for? May you are wondering like a lot of people. We must say you are a terrific timer because this post will be exploring the various uses for lanyards.

The most common use of lanyards is for identification cards or badges. Here below is a detailed discussion of the purpose of lanyards or rather why you would need one


In most schools, lanyards are phasing out the old clips that were previously used for holding student identification cards. One advantage with lanyards is that they prevent damaging clothes as it is the case with pins. During school trips it is very easy for teachers to organize their students when they are wearing lanyards. Also, having the school name imprinted on the lanyard could be used as a means of the advertising the school. 

Trade Shows 

Lanyards are also used for the purpose of promoting brands during brand launches, trade fairs and county fairs. During these events, lanyards can be given out to guests as gifts or appreciation to those purchasing the products. 


Most offices use lanyards for identification cards. They are used for staff ID’s or the visitor’s pass. Also, lanyards are also used for RFID cards to allow employees to access restricted areas that are not open the public. Moreover, lanyards also make employee recognition in a big organization quite efficient. Security guards also have easy time identifying employees and visitors. 

Fashion Accessory

Lanyards are not only used for identification cards but can also in fashion world. With today’s fashion, you can get your lanyard beaded and use it as a piece of jewelry. Besides, lanyards can be crafted with gemstones or crystals matching your favorite attire. 


In the manufacturing sector, lanyards are used for safety. Workers on construction sites or processing equipment have lanyards on their wrists with the functionality of turning off the machines. This is helpful in an instance where the worker collapses at work or is in a condition where they are unable to operate the machine. 


In some of the major corporate events, you will find designed lanyards identifying activities or the company name. It can also be used as souvenirs showing that an individual participated in a particular company event or convention. 

Securing IDs

Just picture this. It is in the morning and you are running late for work yet you can’t find your badge. It is definitely not an exciting moment, especially when you know you won’t be able to access your office without it. That is where a lanyard also comes in because it is pretty easy to find your ID or keys when they are attached to a lanyard. 


Lanyards also are used in churches for the purpose of identifying individuals in different departments. For instance, if a guest needs an usher to show them the way to the bathroom, they can easily spot one when they are wearing a lanyard. 

Lanyards are used all over. You are probably using one at work. Their primary purpose is to hold identification cards and badges.

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